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Built Review
Waffen SS Panzer Crew

by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

Overall impression
Inside the well designed packaging, I found two zip-lock bags, each containing a figure. Upon initial inspection I was impressed with the quality of the castings as well as the detail. The sculpting is well executed, displaying good form both in anatomy and clothing structure.

The gray resin is light in weight, and holds the detail very well. Both figures were well defined and crisp. Neither figure had any visible seams to clean.

Figure 1 (35030)
This full figure, standing with arms poised for gripping the rim of a tank cupola, is comprised of four parts ¬legs/torso, left arm, right arm, and head. Also included is an optional second head. A nice addition that is customary of Alpine. This gives you the choice of using the head which wears the officers hat, or the other one wearing the feldmütz.

He wears the 1943 camouflaged one-piece combination (coverall) uniform complete with shoulder straps. Oak Leaf, Plane Tree, and Blurred Edge Camouflage would be appropriate for this uniform. There is also a finely detailed pair of binoculars molded around the neck. Also molded to the torso is his sidearm which is worn on the back, left hip.

I was very impressed with the minute details present such as the finely molded binocular strap.

Figure 2 (35034)
This full figure is in a relaxed, seated position with hand on hip. The torso and legs are one piece, then you have the two arms, and again you have two heads to choose from, each with different head gear. One wears a field cap, and the other the black wool sidecap bearing the death head emblem.

Similar to the first figure, this one wears the one-piece combination uniform. One slight difference is the inclusion of a front leg pocket on the left side. He too is carrying his holstered sidearm on his back, left hip.

The assembly of these figures was trouble free. Parts were easily removed from their mold blocks with an x-acto saw blade and scalpel. The resin was easy to shape and sand. The joints where two pieces come together were seamless. I was surprised that there wasn’t a need for any putty whatsoever. Beautiful craftsmanship!

All the benefits of this set make it a very attractive option for any WWII German armor enthusiast. I highly recommend them.

The price I am listing came from Squadron’s website.

My thanks go to Taesung for the review sample.
Alpine Miniatures couples two of their great offerings (#35030 & #35031) into one attractive set (#35032) depicting two Waffen SS Panzer Crew members
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35032
  Suggested Retail: $25.96 USD
  Related Link: Alpine Miniatures Web site
  PUBLISHED: Feb 26, 2006

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