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84mm Carl-Gustaf M4
84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 Multi-Role Weapons System
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Legend Productions has dipped their toes and now jumped in the deep end when it comes to 1/35th scale small arms weapons systems. These small arms offerings are 3D scanned and then cast in resin in order to provide highly accurate representations for the modeller to satisfy their need for accurate and well detailed elements on their models or with their figures. The item I am looking at here from Legend Productions is the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 Multi-Role Weapons System and is one of four 84mm Carl-Gustav sets released so far.

The following portion of the introduction is from the SAAB.com website:
The Carl-Gustaf system is a true multi-role, man-portable shoulder-fired weapon.
A weapon's multi-role capacity can mean the difference between combat success and failure. The highly versatile Carl-Gustaf system is a true multi-role, man-portable shoulder-fired weapon. The system offers the soldier various types of ammunition, ranging from armour penetration and anti-personnel, to ammunition for built-up areas as well as special features like smoke and illumination.
From SAAB.com


Legend Productions is on a role and has started to tackle the 84mm Carl-Gustaf weapons system as part of their 3D product line. There are four products thus far which are as follows:
LF3D065 – Carl-Gustaf twin containers and ammunition set
LF3D066 – 84mm Carl-Gustaf M3 multi-role weapons system
LF3D067 - 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role weapons system
LF3D068 - 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role weapons system with cover

This offering provides four 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifles in 1/35th scale. The product is all moulded in resin with the tubular portion being made up of four parts. I have examined these pieces under high magnification and could not see anything that caused me concern as regards the rifle parts. I did a close inspection of the rounds supplied with this offering as I found an air bubble in one of the supplied rounds of a previous example and no issues were found.

The tube for want of a better word has a small recess at both ends, but these recesses will need to be made deeper to improve the look and improve the realism of the item. The firing handle is a separate part with a very good level of detail even including the trigger itself. The sight on this offering is the Aimpoint® FCS13-RE Fire Control System which will be fitted to all US military offerings of the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 which named or identified by the US as the M3-E1 MAAWS; I do not believe that makes this weapon suitable for US forces only, but if it does it is the system going into service with the US Military at this very time. Finally the front handle grip is the last element of the weapon and has been supplied with alternate parts in order to depict a folded handle or one in place for use.

There are a number of differences in the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 and the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M3; The weapon is shorter, lighter and has a different carrying handle that can be folded out of the way as shown in this example, I will say that I wish Legend Productions had made the carrying handle as a separate part in order that it could be shown being carried. The four rounds included with this release cover 1 round from each of the four groups of weapons the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M3 can fire. The rounds provided in this release are:
HEAT 655cs – Anti Armour
Smoke 469c - Support
HEDP 502 or HEDP 502rs – Multi-Role Anti-Structure
HE 441 D or HE 441D rs – Anti Personnel


The 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest and lightest version of the 84mm Carl-Gustaf weapons system and is in the process of going into service with the US military at this time. The Aimpoint® FCS13-RE sight depicted is the version that the US military has purchased for this system. I have included an image of the weapons system and the Aimpoint® FCS13-RE as a visual reference against what is provided and I cannot pick out any errors or omitted detail. My feeling is that this is another especially nice addition to the 3D line of man portable weapons and will add a nice large weapon for modern military dioramas or as extra weapons being carried on/in vehicles for a very current setting. The Slovakian military was the first to take the 84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 in 2015

Darren Baker takes a look at a new resin product from Legend Productions in their 3D range in the form of '84mm Carl-Gustaf M4 Multi-Role Weapons System'.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF3D067
  PUBLISHED: Jun 02, 2019
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Here are some images of the built Carl Gustaf M4 and M3. Each launcher consists of four parts. The detail is great including an extremely small cast trigger. Hollowing out of the barrel and the tail is not difficult with appropriate bits.
JUL 26, 2019 - 07:25 AM

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