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In-Box Review
Wehrmacht Personnel Cars
Wehrmacht Personnel Cars
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


ICM has begun a new marketing approach with some of their products and started to release two or three models previously available singly in matched groups of two’s and three’s. This started with the release of models suitable for the beginning of Operation Barbarossa and has even gone as far as a set of 1/72nd scale Russian vehicles suitable for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The latest release in this style is a set of three Opel cars used during World War 2 by Wehrmacht officers during World War 2 in 1/35th scale.


The product is supplied in the usual high quality method used by ICM in the form of cardboard tray with an attached lid, this is then finished with a separate card lid with the product artwork on it. Inside are the three models, each are packed in their own bags to avoid any confusion on the part of the modeller. The instruction booklets are loose inside the box are they are the same as with the original releases; the decals for each model is in the instruction booklet and are the only items that could get mixed up over time.

An examination of the mouldings reveals no major causes of concern other than the need to tackle some ejector pin marks that will be see on a finished model; for the most part the areas affected are the inner faces of the roof of each model. Due to this release being three models available separately in the past I do not intend to dig deep and will restrict the review to concise comments on each of the models in turn.

35472 Admiral Saloon

This offering is supplied with a multipart frame chassis and so will require care during assembly to insure it remains square and avoid issues further on in the build. A decent engine is included with the model and will only require some wiring to be added to dress it up. The tyres for this offering are made using the multi slice approach which is unusual for ICM, but does offer a very nice tread detail.

The interior covers all of the needed details, but in my opinion is a mixed bag. The seats have nice detail but are pristine. The doors have separate door cards and so ejector pin marks are hidden and there are very nice door furniture additions to add, but the doors have been moulded together and so showing them open will require work.

The exterior has very nice lines for a car of the period and so is visually appealing in all respects. I like that ICM has provided a bonnet/hood that can be displayed open if desired and so exposing the very nice engine that is included. All told a nice model with four finishing options.

35475 Kapitän Saloon

This offering from ICM has an especially pleasing engine and gearbox that will again need the addition of wiring to make it really shine, but is otherwise a great inclusion. The chassis of this offering is integrated as part of the floor and so no concerns about the chassis being square with this release. the underside has everything I would expect to find. The exhaust will need to be drilled at the end and brake and fuel lines will need to be added. The wheels on this one are provided with injection moulded tyres and so will please those who dislike rubber tyres.

The interior covers all of the needed details and is pleasing for the most part. The seats have nice detail but are pristine and so will ideally be roughed up a little. The doors have been moulded separately and also have separate door cards hiding any ejector pin marks present. The door furniture has been well tackled both inside and out, also while not covered in the instructions displaying the doors open on this one will prove easier to obtain.

The external aspects of the panel have been well tackled and which again has pleasing lines well covered. The bonnet/hood is a separate moulding, but no effort has been made for the modeller to display it open and as such will require work on the inside to replicate the missing detail seen on an open hood/bonnet. ICM has again provided four finishing options for the model including one which is camouflaged.

35478 Kadett K38 Saloon

Surprise this offering from ICM also has a well detailed engine requiring the addition of wires to finish the look off to a high standard. As usual no photo etch parts are included and so this relies on the ability of ICM to produce some great moulded elements. There is some very nice firewall detail present and that saves the modeller a lot of potential work. The chassis of the model is again integrated as part of the car floor and so avoids the potential issue of a twisted chassis. The tyres are vinyl rubber and I know that these cause high blood pressure in some. The detail on the underside is of a good quality which with a few additions could look superb.

The interior of the model again has some very nice detail and aspects that drive me mad. The seats need some roughing up in my opinion but each to their own. The controls are all present and correct and ICM has again provided separate door cards with good door furniture, but they have again moulded the doors as a single piece for each side as part of the rear panel making having one open a real chore that could so easily have been avoided.

Externally the lines of the vehicle look good and match references online. The hood/bonnet has been designed with the modeller in mind and can be assembled open or closed; I suggest sanding the edges to fool the eye into seeing a more realistic scale thickness. The details on the exterior meet my expectations and I hope yours. ICM has again supplied four finishing options and I was particularly pleased to see a pennant supplied with this release.


This release from ICM represents three Opel produced cars that were mass produced and saw service with the military all over Europe and as such represent a very useful release. Each of the models has their highs and lows, but it is rare to find a model that everyone is happy with. I do wish that the doors had all been moulded separately so that the modeller could decide how they wished to display their build. The reasonable prices charged for ICM kits make these well worth your consideration even if you go down the after market route.
Darren Baker takes a look at the latest multi-kit release from ICM titled 'Wehrmacht Personnel Cars' that offers three cars in 1/35th scale as used by German forces during WW2.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: DS3504
  PUBLISHED: Dec 30, 2019

Our Thanks to ICM Holding!
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Thanks Darren I may have to pick this set up
DEC 30, 2019 - 01:38 PM

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