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Book Review

by: Olivier Carneau [ BISON126 ]


The book comes in the Topshots range of this publisher and deals with the T-72M1. It comprises 44 pages and 175 full color photos and technical drawings. One page briefly presents this worldwide spread MBT. As usual in this range, the texts and captions are in English with a Polish translation.
As a bonus, Kagero has included a sheet of masks to represent two different Polish tanks.


This book obeys the rule in this range, with a first series of pictures showing overall views of the tank under Polish, Czech and Slovak colors. The Czech camouflage is the sand and brown one applied for the armament exhibitions.
The close-ups start with the running gear. The most remarkable pictures show a wheel without its central hub cover, one 6-spoke wheel aside 8-spoke wheels on the same running gear and raised front mudguards showing its inner face with stiffening ribs.
The following part concentrates on the front upper hull and its numerous details. Some tanks feature the glacis add-on armor other not. The close-ups pictures of the headlights clearly highlight the common mistake made by the kit manufacturers in the way they attach the light to the hull whereas it is welded to the vertical guard frame. Some interesting views of the driver windshield screen are provided.
The next part deals with the turret which is fully covered in 14 pages. The interior of the hatches and the turret are portrayed in 9 pictures and 3 technical drawings. Three unusual pictures show the Polish version of the smoke dischargers with 4 tubes set in column on each side of the turret. The NSVT AA MG is covered by 15 photos, of which 5 are focused on the sight. The barrel pictures show the fume extractor, the thermal sleeve fasteners and the small holes under the barrel.
The last part mainly concentrates on the rear and the engine decks. The engine itself is shown out of its compartment. The fuel drums and their lines are depicted in 3 pages.
The last page displays the various shells and the propellant case.


I would recommend this book to help detailing Tamiya’s kit more specifically. It is also useful for other T-72 kits.
Kagero continue their armored vehicles series with this book dedicated to the T-72M1 in Polish service. As usual, the pictures will be of great help for the modelers.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 11019
  Suggested Retail: 13 euros
  PUBLISHED: Mar 18, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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I have been in the hobby for years and I'm still learning. As a modeler, I only build 1/35 modern military vehicles, mainly armored ones. I also run a website where I share a lot of walkarounds. Just click on my banner to pay a visit to it.

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