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In-Box Review
M-1046 Humvee TOW

by: Olivier Carneau [ BISON126 ]


This set is designed for the Tamiya kit #35267 and is quite comprehensive with about 200 parts. Some are optional like the seatbelts and other useless like some flat handles or hidden parts once the model complete.


The instructions come in 6 A-4 pages in Eudard usual standard with generally clear drawings to help positioning the parts. I noticed two mistakes on the first sheet concerning two parts number. Instead of 76 and 16 read 16 and 77 in this order. This is the brake pedal and a plug cover in front of the gear lever. No other error have been noticed.


The interior is highly detailed beginning with the passengers compartment which is enhanced thanks to the pedals, a new dashboard (presented as either a foil or a piece of printed paper), a new radio set support, a partially raised gunnerís platform, the traversing unit bracket, the under seat bins covers, optional seatbelts mountings (two or three points seatbelts). Noticeably, the doors are fully detailed with the windows opening system represented and the hingesbeing moveable providing you do not use the straps #64 and 65.

The cargo compartment is complemented by the various straps and buckles Tamiya didnít represent. Some brackets are intended to replaced the plastic ones. A dry fitting is necessary to ensure a perfect positioning of the numerous parts beside the TOW rack.
The inner side walls are detailed and the rear hatch supports are provided. This will require to cut those on the Tamiya parts.
Oddly enough Eduard didnít provide the tripod brackets.
To conclude with the interior, the rear hatch is well detailed but once again Eduard forgot the launch tube bracket. The turret ring is nicely detailed with the traversing handle and the ę strap gunner seat Ľ.


The tool rack is improved with the tool retaining strap and the hinge system. The engine parts available in the Tamiya kit are detailing with retaining straps. In case you represent a Marine Humvee, the raised air intake bracket is provided.
The rear door #D5 is detailed with the ę wings Ľ. In fact, Tamiya molded them solid. They are cut and replaced by the nice Eduard parts. The retaining chain is useless as it comes flat. The hooks at both ends can be removed and the central portion replaced by some thin tubing. Eduard added two eyelets #85 that I was not able to notice on real vehicle pictures. The 4 straps to roll a tarp are provided too.
The engine cover gets a nice mesh for the front part and another one for the top. To my knowledge, this one is not seen on up-armored vehicles and should not be used. The side latches are well represented.
The turret ring gets the foldable hatch locking handles. The TOW missile guidance set is detailed with a missing handle and the various fasteners. The cover is provided too.
The TOW sights themselves are detailed. However, the replacing parts require some surgery work which not recommended to beginners.


This set is a perfect investment for those willing to get an excellent rendition of the M1046. The number of parts and the need of practicing some surgery on tiny plastic parts could lead to reserve it to confirmed modelers. In fact, a majority of modelers could make a good use of this set and upgrade their Tamiya kit for a reasonable price.
Eduard has issued a comprehensive set for the Tamiya kit #35267. It will enable a thorough detailing of the already nice plastic kit even if, in a way, it is not intended for beginners.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35655
  Suggested Retail: 25 $
  PUBLISHED: Mar 26, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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