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Book Review
The Scud and other Russian Ballistic Missile Vehicles

by: Jacques Duquette [ JACQUES ]


At first glance this book seems more for the model builder than the History buff, but even a cursory glance shows so many different systems that any military history buff will get just as much out of the book as the detail fanatic.


The introduction gives a good overview of the development of the Russian Ballistic Missile service after WWII. Each section has at least 2 pictures per page, some with up to 6.

The book starts with the development of the infant Russian missile system after WWII, using captured German technology. Split into the three main classifications the Russians gave their various systems, Tactical, Operational, and Strategic, it gives a front-line feel for the tactical systems, and helps to overwhelm the reader with the awe of the ICBM section.

The Tactical section covers the FROG, LUNA, MARS, and finally the Tochka. Unique images include the FROG-6 wheeled training system and the fully enclosed variant of the LUNA TEL.

The Operational section covers the Scud-A, Scud-B (in depth), SS-23 Spider, and SS-12 Scaleboard. The depth of photo coverage is sure to help the builder of a Scud-B.

The Strategic section covers the SS-14 Scamp, SS-20 Saber, SS-15 Scrooge, SS-25 Sickle, and the SS-27 Topal-M. The awe inspiring photos of the Scrooge or the operational shots of the SS-25 (including shots of a launching missile with the distinctive Triple warhead) are worth the price of the book alone.

The "other" section covers the SSC-1a Sepal, SSC-1b Shaddock, SPU-243 (that launches a recon drone), SSC-3 Styx, and the SSC-4 Slingshot. These vehicles are so rare that just having pictures of them, especially the SPU-243 and its formerly super-secret recon drone capability, is a major resource.

In Conclusion

The 72 pages in this book will not disappoint. The only shortcoming in my opinion is a lack of comprehensive scale drawings of all vehicles. That may be asking a lot, but it is about the only fault I can find. The photos of long secret or even unknown vehicles makes this book a treasure trove

An essential book for the Russian military vehicle enthusiast, model builder or not, and essential means essential…. this information is just not available anywhere else.

Armor at War Series, #7037
Text and Scale Drawings by Steven J. Zaloga
Color Plates by Arkadiusz Wrobel
72 Pages
8 color pages, 5 scale line drawings

Part 1-Introduction
Part 2-Tactical Rocket and Missile Launcher Vehicles
Part 3-Operational Missile Launcher Vehicles
Part 4-Strategic Missile Launcher Vehicles
Part 5-Other Surface-to-Surface Missile Launcher Vehicles
Steve Zaloga's second reference on Ballistic Missile Development, this book is the best and probably the definitive model builders reference for any system developed and put into use by Russia. It covers short range tactical artillery missile systems to mobile Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile systems. Photograph's of rarely seen systems are the shining jewel in this book.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 9623616759
  Suggested Retail: $17.95
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 05, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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