In-Box Review
KV-1 Update Set (For Trumpeter)

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]


As I stated in my previous review of the other LionRoar set for the KV - II, excellent as they are, the Trumpeter kits DO need some extra attention. OOB the box they are good kits but lacking in some essential 'enhancements'.

The Update Set: - Contents

LE35059 - KV-I Update Set There is little doubt that the packaging of these sets is amongst the most attractive from any AM (After - Market) manufacturer. The box features a series of full-color photos of the set applied to a KV and the areas covered by the set. The packaging is equally impressive with a great deal of effort have been made to ensure that all the parts are properly protected and are proof from the most 'enthusiastic' Postal employee...

LE35059 includes the following elements:

Double-sided A4 instruction sheet

Four frets of Photo-Etch

Replacement Zis-5 (76.2mm) Gun Barrel

One length of plastic rod

One length of (fine) copper wire

The Update Set: - Areas Covered..

Having (correctly) identified the shortcomings in the donor kits, the designers of this set have produced it to cover the following areas:

1) Rectangular tool box

2) Curved Storage boxes

3) Auxiliary Fuel tanks (missing in the original kits) - two are provided, which will need 'curving to the correct shape. These were more normally seen

4) Exhaust grille

5) Rear engine deck grilles

6) Commander's hatch detail

7) Fender support brackets

8) Turret - plate above the gun.mantlet

9) Rear Exhaust grille

To give some detail to all of this is necessary, and I will attempt to go into some more detail in the above areas.

1) Rectangular tool box - this is a commonly seen feature and the AM replacement is finely detailed.

2) The Curved Storage/Tool Boxes: Again, this is an area which is well enough done in the original kit although lacking some of the very fine detail which many modellers would find desirable. Particularly noteworthy, is that the PE replacements will enable the boxes to be modelled open or damaged - something which is difficult using the kit parts.

3)Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: - - two are provided, which will need 'curving to the correct shape. These were more commonly seen on later variants, in particular the KV-1S.

5)Rear engine deck grilles - A 'Vital' element to replace. The kit parts are too solid.

6) Interior Hatch Detail - these really enhance the rudimentary detail on the kit parts.

7) )Fender Support Brackets: - the kit parts are not too badly executed although, inevitably, with the limitations imposed by plastic moulding, they are very much overscale and lack some of the finer detail on these parts. The AM parts give a more 'acceptable' thickness.

8)Turret Enhancements: - The gun barrel is the biggest change to the (plastic) kit part although a plate is provided to replace the somewhat thick plastic cover above the mantlet. The barrel scales out perfecly in both diameter and length.

9)Rear exhaust grille: - Not vital, but a nice touch...

Conclusions - and some areas of doubt...

Overall, this, in my opinion is a SUPERB set. However, there are one or two areas which do need mentioning...
Firstly, regarding the form of the rear-deck grilles. I stand by my original comments in my review of the other set for the KV-2, that the grilles are accurate for an early production vehicle, i.e.a simple curved shape. In LATER variants however, the shape was curved with a flattened section towards the front. This is NOT reflected in this update set. Bearing in mind that this set is geared very much towards later variants of the KV, this is an important detail. The other area, which clearly reflects the 'later' tendency, is the inclusion of the auxiliary fuel tanks. This is NOT, in my opinion, the most necessary inclusion. They were used, although (in the early-war) period, pretty unusual on a KV.

These 'gripes' aside, there is much to praise in this set. The etching is as good as any on the market, the areas covered are well-considered. Folds are clearly marked on the reverse side of the boxes etc and should be easy to bend into shape - providing a good folding tool is used... The value of the set is also worth re-iterating. According to my calculations, it is around 60% cheaper than another (similar) set on the market - the inclusion of the barrel is the real 'icing on the cake'.

Very worthwhile considering - quibbles aside...

Further Details:

LE35059 - KV-I Update Set - was purchased from Lucky Model in Hong Kong, who apart from their efficient service, are offering the LionRoar range POST-FREE...

Background research on the KV was done (principally) using Tankograd's superb book on LATE Variant KVs, the book review can be seen: HERE

For those who wish to model the KV (rather than just build it), we have put together a resource covering all the Reviews and Features published on Armorama, it can be accessed here, Armor Resource # 2, the KV Series
Yet another update set for Trumpeter's useful range of KV Variants. This time, the subject of the update set is for 76.2mm armed KV - Is....
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LE35059
  Suggested Retail: $14.64
  PUBLISHED: Apr 20, 2006

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