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In-Box Review
Schwimmwagan SdKfz K2s Volkswagen Kdf 166

by: Ian Sadler [ IANSADLER ]

The book under review is the latest title from Model Detail Photo Monograph, Schwimmwagan SdKfz K2s Volkswagen Kdf 166. vThe authors are text by Adam Skupieski and photographs are from the archives of Konrad Majkowski and Gregorz Rossa. Price is unknown as it is review sample so please check with your local book dealer for this and availability.Published by Rossagraph the editorial address is ul, Sueska 6. 02-761 Warsaw, Poland.


This is No 3 in the new mini landscape series of photo montages on a single subject. The size of the book is 21cm by 16cm and it has 48 pages with123 full colour photographs and 15 black and white illustrations from an original workshop manual.

Unfortunately my copy is in Polish, it has a single page of facts and figures and a similar page on the history of the vehicle and the text is used to enhance the photographs or point out a particular section or part. However I believe an English version is available.


The quality of the photographs is outstanding and the level of detail in them is a must see, if you are building any model of the Schwimmwagan in your favourite scale this is the book that you must have. To bring out the true potential of the model and lift it from an ordinary one to a show winner. I spent over an hour last year doing the very same as the authors photographing a Schwimmwagan here in the UK and I understand the problems of trying to get the close up details and the lighting just right.Many congratulations to the authors on a job well done, it is a gem of a book and deserves a place on every serious model makers reference selves.

Please note for the vehicle to be used on the roads it has had the lighting altered, to make it conform to modern lighting and traffic rules so you have been warned.I cannot say for sure if this is pointed out in the book as I cannot read Polish.

For the readers who like marks out of ten, I can only give it 8 for the actual book because it is not in English, for photographic content 10 and for level of detail and accuracy contained within its pages 10.

Buy it you will not be disappointed by this or the other one in the series JS 2; the publishers are setting new standards of photo reference work for the modeller at reasonable prices.

Since I do not know who sent the review copy to me I can only say thank for the chance to preview this book.

Ian Sadler

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 8391622924
  PUBLISHED: Jun 11, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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