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In-Box Review

by: Rudi Richardson [ TAROK ]

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Historicus Forma

ISUV-002 “Alexander” is a 54mm scale white metal figure sculpted by Ho Seo. The figure depicts the character of Alexander the Great as portrayed by Colin Farrell in Oliver Stone’s 2004 movie “Alexander”.

The figure
As we begin the review proper I feel I should reiterate that this figure depicts the movie character, and not the historical personality. As such there are naturally historical inaccuracies in this figure, and as such any historical criticism should be levelled at Hollywood rather than the talented sculptor, Ho Seo.

Alexander is dressed in a style akin to a Companion Cavalry officer. Under his white thorax (cuirass) he wears a white long-sleeved outer tunic. Clasped at his right shoulder, he wears a white Macedonian cloak (chlamys).

On his feet Alexander wears boots that resemble modern infantry boots rather than the cavalry boots worn throughout Alexander’s cavalry (the latter consisted of a soft leather lining “sock” held in place by a strap-work over-boot with a heel and sole).

Tucked under his right arm he holds his helmet. It is interestingly styled in the form of a lion’s head, with two white feather plumes and a central red horsehair plume. It is an excellent reproduction of the helmet worn by the lead actor in the movie.

Hanging at his left hip, Alexander carries curved sabre (presumably a kopides).

The kit
ISUV-002, cast in white metal, comes in a kit form consisting of ten pieces. The figure is shipped in a hard cardboard box with the pieces securely sandwiched between two pieces of foam.

The figure consists of the following pieces: head and torso; legs and tunic skirt; cloak; left arm; right arm and helmet; curved sabre; horse hair plume; two feather plumes; and base.

The head and torso are very nicely sculpted. The face bears a striking likeness to Mr. Farrell and the swept back hair is realistically textured. The thorax is well detailed, with a plate across the chest clearly bearing the face of an ancient deity, and individually sculpted scales around the abdomen. Other fine detail include: the piping and small plates on the shoulder straps of the thorax; the clips that link the thorax and the shoulder straps; and the cloak clasp on the right shoulder.

Sadly my sample had a very fine seam line running the length of the left cheek, as well as at least two across the top of the head across the strands of hair. Due to the positioning of these lines modellers will be hard pressed to remove this without damaging either the face or strands of hair. Apart from these two glaring problems, this piece had a few more seam lines. Fortunately these will not be visible when the figure is full assembled.

The two legs are sculpted together with the lower tunic. Once again Ho Seo demonstrates some fine sculpting from the leather strips around the waist to the laces on the cavalry boots. If I could fault the sculptor on one thing here it would be that in my opinion the legs lack enough muscle definition.

Once again the casting disappoints. Casting seams run the length of the back and front of both legs and boots. I also found a particularly rough spot of casting below the left thigh. Modellers will have to use an extremely fine grit sandpaper to remove these lines.

The right and left arms, the right arm holding the helmet, are masterfully sculpted. The folds in the sleeves flow and gather nicely. The helmet, however, is what shows one just how talented this sculptor is. The detail on it is quite striking. Sadly, I have to say, the same cannot be said for the cast. In this case it appears as if the two halves of the mould itself were misaligned.

The cloak is fairly well sculpted. I say fairly well because on dry-fitting it does not appear to have a natural drop from the figures buttocks, but rather appears to protrude outwards to the rear. That said the folds are nice sculpted. The seams on the cloak were very fine, and easily removed. But what does detract are the two rather large casting blocks left on the shoulders of the cloak.

The sabre is pretty basic, as were all weapons of that period. Apart from the casting block right at the point of the weapon, my sample appeared to have lost the guard along the way. I cannot be sure if this was a casting problem, or a handling issue. That said it will be partially covered by the cloak and left arm of the figure.

The three plumes, consisting of two feathers and a horsehair plume, have very fine detail. One can see the sculptor went to great effort to texture them. These items had varying amounts of flash, but it is nothing a sharp blade and fine grit sandpaper will not remove.

Not much can really be said about the base. It has the correct texture and appearance of rocky ground. Although the figure stands easily on it, I would have preferred a more defined foothold for the raised left foot.

This figure, by way of its sculpting, has the means to be a very nice figure. In fact, my wife identified the figure as Mr Farrell immediately. Unfortunately the casting has let it down. Poor casting aside, this figure will make a nice addition to the collection of any movie or Colin Farrell fan.

A fantastically sculpted figure of the movie character, which is sadly spoilt by disappointing casting.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: ISUV-002
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 12, 2006
  NATIONALITY: Greece / Ελλάδα

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  • ISUV-002: Sabre
  • ISUV-002: Horsehair Plume
  • ISUV-002: Feather Plumes
  • ISUV-002: Base (Top View)
  • ISUV-002: Torso (Left)
  • ISUV-002: Torso (Rear)
  • ISUV-002: Legs (Rear)
  • ISUV-002: Right Arm (Rear)
  • ISUV-002: Left Arm (Inner)
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Very nice looking fig there, Rudi. I guess producing these kinds of military movie characters (like the General Maximus 'Gladiator' fig) is a good way to attract people to this era, who might not otherwise be interested. Could the Farrel head be replaced by a more authentic bearded head? And anyone know how to make legs look hairy in 54mm? :-)
SEP 11, 2006 - 01:51 PM
Hi David, Actually Colin is a fair likeness for Alexander. Alexander actually insisted that all his army shave Historically the biggest issues with this figure are the boots, and the helmet. Rudi
SEP 11, 2006 - 02:27 PM
All over???? :-)
SEP 11, 2006 - 02:35 PM
LOL I guess I should have clarified that ... he insisted they shaved their faces... afterall they were Macedonian, not Brazilian
SEP 11, 2006 - 02:59 PM
Morning folks,.. I've looked at this fig several times, yes a movie character,..those things can be changed,..but his body postion troubles me, his right leg centered under the body thats feels good, but the bend in that leg plus the postion of the knee cap in relation to the angle of his foot,.. Try to stand like that, very uncomfortable, or perhaps its my old legs, anyway for what its worth its only my thoughts..... ..Phil..
SEP 12, 2006 - 06:42 AM
I know what you're talking about Phil. I saw this figure in progress on planetFigure. It was brought up then as well. This sculptor has talent to envy and is a tremendous craftsman. Leg position (especially orientation of the foot/knee) is a common problem with his masters though. His more recent work shows he is getting over this.
SEP 12, 2006 - 06:54 AM
John, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm currently reviewing the WWII US Army Pacific set from IS, and they are much better than Alex. Even the casting is better Rudi
SEP 12, 2006 - 11:41 AM
Evening all,... Guys tell me has not another person or company produced a120mm or 75mm of Alexander.. why did the sculptor not correct the leg problem when pointed out at the start,,all the same while having trouble with him, I still like him, except that I would have to chop him up a little...but its good to read he's getting his legs right now...... Phil...
SEP 14, 2006 - 12:35 PM

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  • ISUV-002: Vendor Supplied Boxart
    ISUV-002: Vendor Supplied Boxart
  • ISUV-002: Box Contents
    ISUV-002: Box Contents
  • ISUV-002: Torso (Front)
    ISUV-002: Torso (Front)
  • ISUV-002: Legs (Front)
    ISUV-002: Legs (Front)
  • ISUV-002: Right Arm (Front)
    ISUV-002: Right Arm (Front)
  • ISUV-002: Left Arm (Outer)
    ISUV-002: Left Arm (Outer)
  • ISUV-002: Cloak (Rear)
    ISUV-002: Cloak (Rear)