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SS Panzer Rider No.1 Officer

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

The work of Yoshitaka Hirano will probably need little introduction. Well known for his figure work, he sculpts the entire Yosci range, now available through Miniature Park based in Japan.

the figure
The figure arrives in a small clear Ziploc packet, with a stapled cardboard header to close it off. This figure consists of a seated SS Panzer officer, with his right leg raised, holding an MP40 at the ready. The figure is wearing a M1940 Camouflage smock, commonly known as Type 1 and is illustrated as being Oak Pattern, although of course it can be painted in other patterns. There is a choice of two heads in the packet with the figure, the first shown on the packet illustration is wearing a field cap, the second head offering an officer's peaked cap.

As can be seen from the pictures, each part is attached to a pouring block, and there was a fair amount of flash to remove from each, and in addition the large block attached to the figure's torso proved quite difficult to remove cleanly. The end of the MP40 barrel was broken slightly and so will need replacing, but I'd probably replace the entire weapon anyway with something from the spares box! The resin used is cream-coloured and quite brittle, which probably accounted for the broken gun barrel.

The sculpting of the figure itself is excellent. The arms are supplied separately,as are the two alternate heads, as mentioned, and also the pistol holster, map case, and ammunition pouches for the MP40. The left arm has the hand moulded in situ, holding the MP40 magazine for a seamless fit. Also the right foot is provided separately, with good detail on it's sole, and just slips into place into a depression on the leg. All the separate parts can all be positively located into small depressions on the surface of the figure, and once all the joining surfaces had been cleaned up, very little seam can be seen, and no filler should be required.

in conclusion
An excellent figure from Yosci, that is one part of a four man crew, that with a little work will look superb perched on the the vehicle of your choice. Recommended!

My thanks to Yosci for the review sample.
One part of a four man Panzer Rider set from Japanese manufacturer Yosci
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: HY35-G25
  Related Link: Miniature Park
  PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2006

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