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In-Box Review
Commander in Hannibal's Army (218-201)

by: Alguhan Akşar [ WAMPUM ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Disclaimer: The images above were supplied by the manufacturer and painted by their artists.


The armed forces under Hannibal were a truly multi-ethnical one. His army had a diverse ethnical composition with a wide variety of uniforms and dress wear. Celtic and Iberian warriors, mercenaries from the deserts of Libya and the Greek islands, Punic nobles, Berber cavalrymen, and Italic people united behind Hannibal to march against Romeís legions. Pegaso Models comes with a nice figure of a commander in Hannibalís army which represents these diverse ethnical war dress and weapons.

Our commander has a Gallic face, a Greek-Attic helmet, a Roman centurion like cloak, Celtic breeches and an Iberian sword. He has a very nice pose somewhere maybe at Puglia, where Hannibal had a last battle with Romans, the second Punic War (218-201 B.C.). This battle is an excellent example in strategy and tactics which are still studied today by the military academics.


The figure comes in standard Pegaso Models blue cardboard box same as the 54 mm figures boxes. The front cover shows the figure painted by Danilo Cartacci.

Inside the box, there are 2 paper sheets including a short historical info about the commander and painting tips for this figure. This document is prepared by Marco Giuliani and presented in 4 languages; English, Italian, French and German.

Parts are well protected between two slabs of thick gray polyfoam. The small pieces are protected in a small plastic bag.


The figure is sculpted by Italian master sculptor Maurizio Bruno and made up of 16 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp in very very good details. There are some slightly visible vertical seamlines that can be easily cleaned with a X-acto knife or fine sandpaper. No more need for a serious clean up, filling or sanding.

The main parts is upper torso with the left leg. He wears a breastplate with nice bronze details on it. Cuirass in leather with pteruges (leather stripes). Long sleeved tunic. On the leg the greave is detailed fantastic. Leather footwear is nicely sculpted.

Other parts are ;

  • Head : Facial details, moustache and beard are well defined. He wears a Greek-Attic helmet in gilded bronze. Every detail is very well sculpted and casted. There is a small pin to make the assembly of the head to the main part of the figure. There is a hole on both sides of the helmet for the fitting of cheek protectors.

  • The cloak pieces : There are three of them. One of them is casted together with the left arm which is sculpted as handling this big cloak at the left side of the miniature. Every part of the cloak has its own pins and/or holes for easy assembly. As you may see at one of the pictures, the dry fit of these parts to the main piece is very well. A very little filling would be necessary for the gasp between the two pieces of the cloak at the back-right side. On the boxart the cloak is painted as a Roman centurionís woolen cloak.

  • Wolf fur : It is casted in four pieces. Comes over his shoulders at his back. Nicely sculpted and a good detail for the commander. The fur may be painted in gray Apennine wolf and then the fur is very suitable for that regionís cold winter.

  • Helmet crest : Sculpted as made of horsehair. Adds a great detail to the helmet.

  • Right leg : Has nice details as the left leg. Dry fit shows that also this piece fits well to its place on the main part.

  • Right arm and sword :They are casted together. The Iberian Sword with iron blade is well sculpted and handled by the commander as showing with this a point. I think this gives the beatifulness of the figures pose.

  • Scabbard : It can be painted in different leather colors and has bronze fittings on it.

  • Cheek protectors :These small details are very well sculpted and have a pin for fitting into the holes from the helmet.

  • Figure base : Ground texture and the big rock on which the commander steps are well defined. There are two holes for fitting the figure on the base


    Greatly sculpted figure representing the diverse ethnical particularities of Hannibalís army. Good posing, colorful painting options in Pegaso Models quality ; clean casting, easy assembly and perfect fit with pins on parts.

    I can say that this piece is the best miniature I have ever had in my collection.

    Highly Recommended
    A very nice posing figure sculpted in perfect details and fit of the parts are amazing.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 75mm
      Mfg. ID: 75-031
      Suggested Retail: 37,50 EUR
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      PUBLISHED: Dec 21, 2006
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.07%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.80%

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    I love the authority that this figure exudes. One of my favourite figures for 2006. Thanks for a great review, Algu. Those photos are real gems. Rudi
    DEC 21, 2006 - 11:14 AM
    An excellent review of a superb figure. I agree with Rudi on the authoritative look of this figure. Gotta love it. Thanks Alguhan
    DEC 21, 2006 - 11:45 AM
    Thanks guys. This figure is really a great piece. I enjoyed it reviewing and can't wait to begin painting it.
    DEC 21, 2006 - 06:23 PM
    Thanks for the detailed review Alguhan. I've been eyeing this fig since it came out and with the little woman at home offering to get something for my belated birthday, your excellent photos really helps. Sorry to go off topic Engin and Alguhan but I'm actually torn between this figure and Pegaso's other 75 mm offering, "Primus Pilus, Roman Centurion 1st AD". I know it depends on what one looks for but how do you guys rate this figure vs. Primus Pilus in terms of painting challenges and overall look.?
    DEC 22, 2006 - 06:18 AM
    CK, I didn't have the opportunity to handle the Primus so it is very hard to compare these two figures. All I know about the Primus is that what I see from photos. It looks like a great piece, too. A nice pose and a challenging painting work. I don't think that it has a lower quality, although it is a Pegaso.. So my friend, I think it is hard to decide. However I would chose the commander, because you have allready a review and opinions here and it is a newer miniature.
    DEC 22, 2006 - 01:21 PM

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