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DAK Kubelwagen w/Officers
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by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]

Hot on the heels of Dragons totally revamped Kubelwagen Ambulance, Cyber Hobby have released this sweet DAK Kubelwagen, complete with DAK Officers.

the kit
As with the Ambulance kit, the Kubelwagen in this set is of course the Tasca/Bego one, arguably the best 1/35th scale Kubelwagen on the market. It's slightly more difficult to build than the Tamiya offering...............but far superior!

Inside the box you'll find the Dragon card, containing two photo etched frets, a transparent sprue and a Cartograf decal sheet. Also in the box are eight sprues of the usual light grey styrene. There is a small amount of flash on some of the parts, but only a small amount and easily cleaned off, and I mention this only because it's unusual these days to see even this on a Dragon sprue.

Since this is basically the Tasca/Bego kit, obviously all the original sprues are present as you would expect, although as with the Ambulance version, the moulds have been somewhat sharpened, so that the detail is much sharper on these parts than on those supplied in the original kit. In addition to the original sprues, all the parts necessary to make A DAK vehicle are supplied on three new sprues, and we're also given a set of three jerry cans with photo etched inserts for the seam. A rabbit's ear 'scope on a tripod is supplied on one of the sprues along with a spare wheel for the bonnet, or hood in a canvas cover, in fact you have the choice of a covered wheel or uncovered for the hood.

At the rear of the vehicle, we are given a new folded canvas roof and supports, which is different to the one offered in the original Tasca kit, I must presume that the canvas roof was different for this version? Also on one of the new sprues there is a canvas covered, folded-down windscreen provided. As with the original kit a full engine is provided, although as this is exactly the same as the one given in the European version, you might need to consult your references here, as I seem to remember a different filter may have been used in the DAK version? A full set, including the spare as mentioned, of sand tyres are included, with different tread patterns on the rear and front, a fact I was unaware of.

The two Officer's supplied, as you can recognise from the box art represent Rommel and another Officer, and although nicely moulded, their usefulness is limited by this fact. Of course, you also get the original two figures, and in point of fact, everything apart from the decals is still in the box, so if you don't want to make the DAK vehicle you can make a European vehicle since the normal tyres are still included too.

marking options
Cyber Hobby have included decals for three different versions, two army and one Luftwaffe vehicle. They have also included a generic set of numbers to make up your own number plates if you're modelling a vehicle from references. As is usual these days, the DAK Swastika is present on the decal sheet, but you'll need to 'construct' it from a number of parts!

A beautiful little kit! This one is going to be used in so many dioramas you won't believe it! It is so good that every modeller should get two or three for their stash because you just know you'll use them! Highly recommended!
Cyber Hobby have taken a previously released kit that was already exceptional, and done what they do best..........made it better! They 've now given us a DAK Kubelwagen with great tyres, and great detail!
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 6364
  Related Link: Cyber Hobby
  PUBLISHED: Jan 22, 2007

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Interesting is that three photoetched parts for water cans do not fit to plastic water can parts - holes in PE pieces are in different place than pins on plastic parts. But these metal parts seem to fit to single original fuel can provided in the kit, but marked "not for use" in instructions... Of course it is very simple to cut off the pins from plastic parts and assemble cans without them, but more care is needed to align parts properly. Also maybe worth mentioning is that instructions show the cap (part N3) attached to the wrong side of the water can - should be attached to N2, not N1. Other interesting things are two photoetched jerry can racks provided in the kit, but in instructions they are only shown on a drawing with the cans - separately from the vehicle. Any idea if such racks were indeed used and where were they attached to Kuebelwagen? Pawel
JAN 22, 2007 - 06:47 PM
I also noticed the mismatch of plastic-to-PE parts on the cans, and was wondering as well where an appropriate place on the wagen would be to place the PE "baskets" (with or without the cans in them). I'm in the middle of assembling this actually and noticed last night part B11 needs to have the guide on the right side trimmed or it wont fit. Here's a question: I'd like to opt for the clear plastic windshield as well as the PE wiper blades...but there are wipers molded on the clear plastic. How can I shave those off without ruining the part....? Also, I'm unclear about the placement of PE parts M1 and the M2s. The directions are not clear and they do not actually appear in any of the subsequent illustrations...
MAY 02, 2007 - 09:59 PM
yawn.....a rebox of a softskin wheeled thingy.....
MAY 03, 2007 - 12:27 PM

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