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In-Box Review
Aquarium Ruins

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]


If you are looking for an alternative source of diorama pieces here is one. PetSmart has a line of poly-resin aquarium pieces that range in size from a small wall to large columns and ruined monuments.
I purchased the small wall to get a good look at it side by side with a 1/35 scale figure and to get a feel for how it can be worked with. The variety is decent and flexible enough to work many of this line into a number of different dioramas.
The detail is good and the overall appearance works well. It is not a cartoonish type of product at all. Add a bit of paint, a wash, some pastels and these products will fit right in.


As with any 'non-modeling' product scale and appearance are one of the key considerations. As you can see by the image these will work. The figure is a 1/35 scale Testors figure. Testors figures run on the small side.
While this wall won't work for a building, it will definitely work as a retaining wall or old rock wall or canal type embankment.
The rocks are of decent size and shape and detail.


As mentioned this line has a number of different ruins in it. This one is an old monument made up of columns.
The poly-resin can be cut so that individual columns can be used elsewhere or to customize them to fit your need.

In the constant search for diorama products you must look everywhere. My last trip to the pet store found me wandering down the aquarium isle. Great place for foliage and now ruins. Top Fin distributed by PetSmart has a small line of poly-resin ruins that will work well in a diorama.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $2 - $30
  Related Link: TopFin
  PUBLISHED: Oct 18, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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