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German Panzer Ranks WWII
TP520 German Panzer Ranks WWII
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by: Carl Althaus [ CAPTAINA ]

This set of photo etch is geared towards WWII German Armor figures. It contains numerous shoulder and collar insignia that many modelers will find helpful. While it will improve the quality of many figures, it is not up to the standards we have come to expect from Eduard.

The set consists of the following;
  • 6 pips for Oberschutze
  • 6 Gefreiter chevrons
  • 6 Obergefreiter chevrons
  • 6 Senior Gefreiter chevrons
  • 6 Senior Obergefreiter chevrons
  • 27 Shoulder Straps for the ranks Schütze-Obergefreiter
  • 6 Unteroffizier Shoulder Straps (Corporal)
  • 4 Unterfeldwebel Shoulder Straps (Sergeant)
  • 6 Feldwebel Shoulder Straps (Senior Sergeant)
  • 6 Oberfeldwebel/Hauptfeldwebel Shoulder Straps (Master Sergeant)
  • 4 Stabsfeldwebel Shoulder Straps (Sergeant Major)
  • 6 Leutnant Shoulder Straps (Second Lieutenant)
  • 6 Oberleutnant Shoulder Straps (First Lieutenant)
  • 4 Hauptmann Shoulder Straps (Captain)
  • 4 Major Shoulder Straps (Major)
  • 4 Oberstleutnant Shoulder Straps (Lieutenant-Colonel)
  • 4 Oberst Shoulder Straps (Colonel)
  • 4 Generalmajor Shoulder Straps (Brigadier General)
  • 4 Generalleutnant Shoulder Straps (Major General)
  • 4 General Shoulder Straps (Lieutenant General)
  • 4 Generaloberst Shoulder Straps (General)
  • 4 Generalfeldmarschall Shoulder Straps (General of the Army)
  • 6 General Officer Collar Tabs
  • 4 Generalfeldmarschall Collar Tabs
  • 36 Collar tabs
  • 24 Collar tabs with the Border Braid
  • 24 Skull Collar Tabs (12 left, 12 right)

detail close-up
Photo etch pre-colored parts are supposed to improve the quality and ease of your build. This set will do that, but is not of the usual quality of Eduard.

The shoulder straps seem to be undersized, seemingly closer to 1/48th than 1/35th. I tried to fit them up to the shoulder straps on numerous figures, and they were small in each case. I also compared them to Archers shoulder straps with the same results. Eduard is putting too much detail and in little space, which degrades color and detail. Color registration is good, but the detail is lost because of the small size. The pips seem to be even more undersized, making them little more than black dots. The pink Waffenfarbe is so thin, it is virtually invisible. There is what appears to be yellow squares on some of the insignia. I do not know what they are, but I do know the don't belong there. It looks like they may be patches meant to cover up errors. The pips on the Oberleutnant are located to close near the button.

The chevrons and collar tabs are of very high quality and appear to be the correct size. Color registration is very good on these parts. Detail is up to the quality we have come to expect from Eduard. The Waffenfarbe on the Death’s-head Collar Tabs is again very thin, to the point of being almost invisible.

Highs: The collar tabs and chevrons are fantastic.
Lows: The Shoulder Loops are not large enough and suffer from having too much detail in too little space. Some pips mislocated. There are what appear to be patches covering mistakes.
Verdict: If you are buying this set for the Shoulder Straps, you will be disappointed. If you are buying it for the Collar tabs or chevrons, you will be happy. It seems to be a real waste to purchase this set and only be able to use half of it.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: TP520
  Suggested Retail: $ 7.95
  PUBLISHED: Jun 21, 2007

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Hi, Are other Rank color sets from this serie have such mistakes? Thank you Oleg Lukyanov
DEC 05, 2007 - 11:09 PM
No answer. To buy or not to buy other sets and to wait Tamiya`s 135 decals?
MAY 22, 2008 - 08:48 PM
Is Tamiya releasing a decal set of rank insignia? That would be wonderful Bob
MAY 23, 2008 - 05:37 PM

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