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In-Box Review
16 in/45 naval gun, Vers. 1
BMK 16 in/45 cal naval gun, Version 1
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by: Kenny Loup [ GATOR ]

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Model Shipwrights

Gun History

The United States Navys 16 inch, 45 caliber Mark 6 naval gun improvement over the older 16 inch, 45 caliber gun used on the Colorado class battleships. This weapon was a simpler and lighter design with the major difference being the mountings for these guns were specifically designed to handle the 2,700 lbs. armor piercing Mark 8 projectile. This gun even held a slight advantage over the 16 inch, 50 caliber Mark 7 in terms of deck armor penetration due to its lower muzzle velocity.

During the Battle off Casablanca in November 1942, USS Massachusetts put two rounds of armor piercing shells through deck armor and temporarily silenced the only working turret of the French battleship Jean Bart with another. The same month in the Pacific Theater, the USS Washington sank the small Japanese battleship HIJMS Kirishima with at least nine direct AP hits.

Constructed of liner, a tube, jacket, three hoops, two locking rings, liner-locking ring, yoke ring and screw box liner. Some components were autofretted and used a Welin breech block which opened downwards. Typical of USN weapons, the bore was chromium plated. Mod 1 was similar except that there were tapped holes in the breech end for securing the hinge lug to the gun. Mod 2 had a set of adapter sleeves to allow it to be used for re-gunning the Colorado class, but it is doubtful if any of these guns were actually in service aboard those ships. About 120 guns of all mods were manufactured, with most being Mod 1.

Gun Characteristics

Designation-16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark 6
Ship Class Used On -North Carolina and South Dakota classes
Date Of Design-1936
Date In Service-1941
Gun Weight-192,310 lbs. (97,231 kg) (without breech)
Gun Length,oal-736.0 in (18.694 m)
Bore Length-720.0 in (18.288 m)
Rifling Length-616.9 in (15.668 m)
Twist-Twist varied in individual guns of Mod 0, with some having a uniform RH 1 in 25 and others having a twist of increasing RH 1 in 50 to 1 in 32 at the muzzle. Mod 1 and Mod 2 guns were all uniform RH 1 in 25 twist.
Chamber Volume-23,195 in3 (380.1 dm3)
Rate Of Fire-2 rounds per minute

Note: The bore was chromium plated for a distance of 625 inches from the muzzle

Inside the bag...

BMKs 1/350 16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark 6 turned brass barrel set comes to the modeler in a re-sealable plastic bag, containing nine finely turned brass barrels, enough to replace the kit barrels in Trumpeter's North Carolina or Alabama kit. Refer to the photo to see the comparison of the overall accuracy and appearance between the original kit part, and the BMK turning...quite an improvement!

The barrels measure out at 1.282 inches, which scale out to 448.7 inches. This measurement represents the length of the original gun from the blast bag to the end of the barrel. The brass turnings are free from any imperfections, overall a well turned, precision brass barrel.

The barrels come with a smaller diameter mounting studs which fit into the kit's supplied blast bags. The bore of each of the brass barrels are drilled out, to accurately represent the bore of the real weapon.
Highs: Nicely machined brass barrel that gives a good representation of the US 16
Lows: None that I can see.
Verdict: Having never used aftermarket barrels before, I am quite impressed with the quality of workmanship in these barrels. They are a nice addition to Trumpeter's North Carolina or Alabama.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 09350US1645A
  Suggested Retail: 19.74
  Related Link: Official BMK Company Website
  PUBLISHED: Jan 18, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to BMK!
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About Kenny Loup (gator)

I was the kid that his dad would say "Hey, there's a war movie on." and come running. As a kid, I dived head first into military history. We would always have to stop at the USS Alabama on our way to Florida. I also got to visit the Seawolf Park and the Alamo on vacation, too. All things I want ...

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Gunny or Kenny (whoever has them).. I'll gladly take the version 1 set off your hands to apply to the Alabama kit I'll hopefully pick up in a couple of weeks. If they send you a set that works for the Iowa class, I'l put those on my New Jersey. I promise to give my mpressions in a build review
JAN 19, 2008 - 06:56 AM
Send me your snail mail address Steve and I'll send them to you for a build review. Gator
JAN 19, 2008 - 01:49 PM

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