In-Box Review
Modern U.S. Army Infantryman (desert Uniform)

by: Nathan Phelps [ PORKCHOP ]

Here's an in-box look at Tamiya new U.S. trooper in 120MM.


Not a German
This is Tamiya\'s first non-German subject and looks like a good start in an Allied area.
The kit gives the choice of building two different figures off the same basic pose and both look different enough that you can probably get away with building two out of the box. This will also be a good figure to raid for parts to update those outdated figures laying around.

With this figure you should be able to build both a US Army and USMC version.


What you get
OK, there\'s one torso wearing both the Interceptor Body Armor and a MOLLE vest, a must for most OIF figures.

You get two heads and two sets of arms, one holding the M-16A2 in a firing position and one holding the rifle at a ready position and yelling at a comrade.

The kit also includes a medical pouch, 2 compas pouches 6 MOLLE ammo pouches, an M9 in holster, a CamelBak water carrier, MOPP gear bag, knife in sheath, two canteens (which look a little undersized) and one Old-School ALICE M-16 pouch with two grenades in the greandae pouches. A nice MOLLE butt bag is also provided along with a PVS-7B night vision device and the helmet mounting equipment for the PVS.

Clear parts are also provided for a set of goggles and for the lense on the PVS.

A throat protector is also an option on the IBA and thankfully it can be left off if desired.


NBC Suit
The figure is molded wearing protective clothing against chemical, nuclear and biological agents. This is a real coup if you ask me as most of the \


Now to build it
I will update this review after I have built this figure, but I must say I\'ll get right on him today (in addtion to two other figs in the works).

This looks like a nice figure that will fill the needs of figure builders who don\'t want to drop $30 or more on other OIF and modern figures in resin and it also provides a lower-cost way to get the parts needed to update other figures.
The only knocks I can see against this figure deal with the bottom cuffs and the collar on the NBC suit, I would have liked to have seen these done better, but I don\'t know how many people will really care (I do however).

This is Tamiya's first non-German 1/16th subject and looks like a good start.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:16
  Mfg. ID: 36308
  Suggested Retail: $18 (USD)
  Related Link: Buy it here!
  PUBLISHED: Feb 16, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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