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Carpets on Real cloth
Reality in Scale's Carpets on Real Cloth
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by: Robert Blokker [ FAUST ]

Reality in Scale proves that they know what is needed to become a big company in the market of diorama accessories. It means being innovative. Reality in Scale also proves to be innovative in both resin and print. Carpets on Real Cloth is absolutely no exception.

What's that on the floor? Carpets have a pretty long history. Usually with the word carpet people mean a complete covering of the floor. However, before 1900 a carpet was a loosely woven cloth the floor. The carpet finds its origin in both Asia and the Middle East and was eventually brought to the rest of the world by travelers and traders. During the Industrial Revolution the weaving industry literally exploded and France, Germany and Italy became the big players in the market. They became the big providers to the world when it came to carpets, which provided more comfort than bare stone or wooden floors.

The set
The carpets from Reality in scale are on a sheet the size of a half A4 (21cm wide, 14,8cm high) and is packed neatly with the instruction sheet in a Ziploc bag. The sheet contains 16 carpets and one longer stair carpet They are printed on a paper sort with a fabric coating. This means the carpets have a soft appearance and even feel like carpet. This in my opinion is quite an innovative step. Other companies have produced carpets but they were either printed on normal paper (not convincing) or on the smooth glossy paper (absolutely not convincing) The 16 carpets and the stair carpet are all very nicely designed. The colors are also very sharply printed which is rare for this type of paper because this type of paper is notorious for letting the inks flow into each other. Another good thing is the variation; rectangular, square, round, big, medium sized, small. It is all there. Thanks to this variation the set is useful in scales ranging from 1:16 to even as small as 1:72 The instruction sheet contains info about the product and what the best way is to use it to get the best result .

Enough! It is without doubt a versatile set which can be used in a lot of vignettes and diorama's. If your project is an urban ruin in a European city or village during WW2 or even urban ruins in later years. Or a street somewhere in North Africa where a carpet seller is showing his wares in front of his shop you will find the right accessories to spice up your diorama on this sheet.

A very useful and versatile sheet of carpets that would look good in many a diorama or vignette. Good quality printing, nice crisp details, good variation and good colors. Also an excellent choice in paper. Recommended for any diorama builder
Highs: Quality printing. good choice of paper, good colors, nice variation and useful in many scales
Lows: none
Verdict: Great useful versatile set. Useful for any urban diorama and vignette builder.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35001
  Suggested Retail:  5,75
  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2008

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99% eh? What makes it 1% off perfect? Nice little product.
JUL 17, 2008 - 05:18 AM
The round rug has fringe, but you have to fringe it yourself!
JUL 17, 2008 - 09:21 AM

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