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In-Box Review
AAVP-7 Stowage
AAVP-7 Stowage
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by: Andy Renshaw [ SKYHAWK ]

Legends from Korea has been prolific in releasing stowage sets for many popular vehicles. This set for the AAVP-7 gives the modeler a heap of detailed gear to stow on the vehicle. The first thing noticeable when opening the box is the smell of resin, and there is a lot of it in the enclosed bag. My sample had a total of 75 parts, all cast in a light cream color resin with no air bubbles or flaws.

The breakdown of the parts is as follows:

- 6 duffle bags (seabags); 3 variations
- 10 plastic water cans; 4 w/ straps, 2 on mounts w/ straps, and 4 loose
- 6 Iso mats (sleeping pads, we had another name for them…)
- 2 generic rolled stowage
- 6 sleeping bags in stuff sacks; 2 variations
- 8 ALICE packs; 4 variations
- 15 covered packs, many variations
- 9 20mm ammo cans; 4 of them with straps
- 1 covered barbed wire roll
- 1 cammo net
- 2 folded cots
- 4 E-tools and 4 canteens
- 1 tow rope/ tarp/ covered stowage combo

All of the parts are very nicely detailed and have outstanding relief. For example, the seabags have straps and handles and the ALICE packs even have straps across the front. There is also enough variation that the modeler wont have to worry about obvious repetition of the same pattern while adding stowage. On these overall points, I give Legends high marks. On the down side those who have purchased any of the modern stowage sets from Legends will see many familiar items. In fact the only “new” item in this set is the piece with the tow rope/tarp combo, which incidentally makes this a great “generic” set of modern gear.

Moving to some individual items there are a few things to address if this is a set for the AAVP-7. First, there are no water can mounts on the AAVP-7 unless it was a field mod (which I have seen no photos of), so the cans with the mounts molded on should not be used especially how the box photo shows.

For the packs, you get both medium and large ALICE packs, with a few having a sleeping pad, E-tool, and canteen strapped to them. They are very nicely detailed with lots of relief. Added detail can be added with loose straps dangling down from the rear (shoulder straps) and front. They should be painted in 3 tone woodland. Though the ALICE system is still used, it would have been nice to have some of the newer ILBE equipment the USMC is currently fielding. Using the ALICE packs on your AAVP will date your model through the start of OIF, but anything more recent you may want to find another source for some ILBE equipment.

The sleeping bags are the newer type of modular sleeping system fielded around the turn of the century which is a two part system stuffed into a sack. The sack itself has straps that run lengthwise that can be tightened to compact the sack once the sleeping bag is stuffed in. The smaller sacks in the set would represent a sack that only has one of the 2 parts of the bag stuffed into it. For additional added detail, you should add loose strapping along the side lengthwise, protruding from the buckles, with longer lengths on the smaller sacks showing they were cinched down more. There is also a drawstring on the open end. The sacks should be black in color.

The covered packs look to be covered ALICE packs judging from the size and shape. They are modeled to have the Gore-Tex cover over them, which may actually be what comes with the modular sleeping system described above, and are intended to be used as an outer shell to sleep in. Obviously in the tradition of soldering, use of issued gear is up to interpretation and the Gore-Tex outer shell has become a popular pack cover. These too will need some added straps along the backside, as the pack would still be hung off the vehicle from its shoulder straps. The covers are a 3 tone cammo, mostly tan with green and brown patterns.

This is a great set and very nicely detailed. While labelled as being for the AAVP-7, it actually has a wide range of possible applications but is somewhat dated by the fact that it contains only ALICE gear and none of the newer ILBE gear. Recommended.
Highs: Lots of gear for the money, great detail
Lows: represents older ALICE gear, no ILBE gear, same
Verdict: Great set with lots of nicely detailed resin for the money. If you have any modern US vehicles needing gear, including the AAVP-7, this is a great set to fill up some equipment racks.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1118
  Suggested Retail: $52.99 USD
  PUBLISHED: Sep 12, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Andy Renshaw (skyhawk)

I started modeling around 8 years old when my dad bought me a Monogram 1/48 A-7. We built that together, and after that he turned me loose. Along with armor and figures, I also enjoy building aircraft and trains (model railroading), and tend to cycle between the genres. Recently married, I have...

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