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In-Box Review
German LeFH18M 10.5cm Howitzer
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by: Guy Van Ginneken [ GUYGANTIC ]

The LeFH18M was in fact an improved light field howitzer 16, WWI era.
Impressive are the split trail with huge folding spades and a hydro-pneumatic recoil system. It was transported by horse-drawn wagon, or wheeled or half-track vehicles.

This cannon became the backbone of all divisional field artillery and it was very accurate during battle. In Russia however it was no match for the Red Army counterpart.
The heavy weight made it not the ideal weapon for transport; many guns were left abandoned in the mud. But the LeFH 18 M, improved version, was capable of destroying T-34 tanks, with a range of 12.325 m. It served until the end of WW2.
The box art shows a few photos of the finished model.
Contents are packed in plastic covers for protection against damage and include the following:

•Rubber tires for the wooden spoke wheels
•Two metal parts to make a nice looking barrel (two part muzzle break in plastic completes it)
•Five sprues holding good quality and finely formed parts
•A small decal sheet
•Two resin parts (wooden blocks)

All the parts are finely molded and appear to be very accurate. The pressed steel wheel, depicted in styrene, are an option and come with the kit, allowing for more variations.
The instruction sheet needs close attention as more versions are possible, (horse-car tractor, half-track tractor, and firing position or transport position). The instructions are good, using drawings and photos to make things more clear, but references will come in handy.

This Limited Edition kit from AFV Club is a nice looking one, recommended for the experienced modeller of AA/AT Artillery guns.

I feel very positive about the accuracy of this one. The parts fit together perfect, however, a little attention is needed to cut the delicate parts off the sprues. The only minor downside is the instruction sheet, which is too vague. Your own reference photos will surely help on this one.

A Build Log has been started on the forums to further evaluate the kit construction.
Highs: Very finely molded parts, perfect fit.
Lows: Some parts are difficult to remove from the sprues, a sharp blade and concentration are necessary when doing this.
Verdict: Excellent molding, appears to be very accurate.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Feb 08, 2009

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I just started working on this kit I'll let you know how it goes. The resin pieces, as far as I can tell from photos in Concords German Artillery at War 1939-45 vols 1&2 , are actualy wicker ammo/fuse cases of some sort.
FEB 07, 2009 - 03:59 PM
Guy, thanks for the review, I got to get one of these sooner or later Joe
FEB 07, 2009 - 04:13 PM

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