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M2HB vehicle remote
Voyager M2HB vehicle remote control firing version
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by: Seb Viale [ SEB43 ]

The Browning M2 machine gun has been in US service since the 1920's. It is in fact, the longest serving small arm currently in th US inventory. A remote firing version was developed for use on armored vehicles like the M1 Abrams.
the kit
The kit come is a transparent clam shell plastic box. The resin and photo etch frets and seperately packed in zip top plastic bags.
The kit consists of resin parts for the M2, PE for the details, a turned brass barrel with a cooling jacket and a colored instruction sheet. There is no wiring (tubing) diagram provided and no wire is provided in the kit.

There are three resins parts and two PE frets with 13 parts.

The instruction sheet is clear with all the steps represented in a break down fashion.
The build is straight forward and you can decide to add the solenoid or not so you can use also this kit as normal (non-remote firing) M2. The main disadvantage is the absence of any mounting device, you need to glue the M2 onto the one provide with an M1AIM for example.
The cooling jacket is nicely detailed with two side recesses that are present on the common M2 cooling jackets and the length of the barrel is dimensionally accurate with the correct sized bore.

The main gun come in two resin parts that allow you to slip an ammo belt into the breach. That is a nice addition compared to some plastic kits. You can also leave it open you decide.

Assembly is fairly simple but you have to be careful when fitting the barrel/cooling jacket onto the main gun since the resin pouring plug is present where the barrel attaches to the body so no hole is present to help with alignment.
As a nice addition a .50 ammo box is also provide in the kit and can be represent open or closed.
Highs: Nice and easy build
Lows: Can be tricky when gluing the barrel and the cooling jacket since no hole is present in the main gun. No mount provided, no scheme for the wiring and no wire supply.
Verdict: Highly recommended for M1 fans only
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: VBS 0204
  Suggested Retail: TBA
  PUBLISHED: Apr 05, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

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