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In-Box Review
IDF Modern Infantry
IDF Modern Infantry Set
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by: Andy Foster [ NIGHTSTRIKE ]

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were formed by Defense Minister David Ben-Gurion in May of 1948. The IDF prides itself on the close relationship between the different branches of the service, i.e. the Navy, Air Forces and Army. The IDF also develops weapons specific to their needs, from the Uzi submachine gun to the Merkava main battle tank.

the kit
This is a nice little collection of figures made by Academy to their usual good standard. It consists of 4 sprues in light tan. Detailing is quite good with moderate flash removal required. The figures are constructed with boots, hands, legs and arms separate allowing a certain amount remodeling. Each head is also separate and have well sculpted faces and hair enabling all figures to be used with or without head gear. Each soldier is carrying a different weapon system.
Weapons include:
Galil 5.56 with folding stock in extended position
FN mag 7.62 light machine gun
Springfield M14 with telescopic sights sniper rifle. 7.62
AK47 assault rifle 7.62
The personal equipment, ammunition poaches, canteens, radios, etc. are crisply molded separately.

The kit has no instruction sheet but each figure is shown on the rear of the box with numbers pointing toward the correct position.There is also a painting guide
The soldiers are wearing the standard issue IDF assault front mounted webbing and patrol sacks. Each of these are attached separately.

All in all a good set of figures with not many other examples available.
Cost 4.50
Highs: The kit contains heads that are usable with or without head gear. Both types are well sculpted.
Lows: Poses of the figures may limit their use in certain dioramas. This is not however a major low!
Verdict: A good value good quality set of modern IDF soldiers
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2009

About Andy Foster (Nightstrike)

Born Belfast 77 and joined the Parachute Regiment in 94 serving in Northern Ireland, Macedonia,Kosovo, Sierra leonne, Iraq and Afghanistan. Began modelling as a kid and stopped during my service due to lack of time and space. Have recently got back into it with an interest now in dioramas. Like all ...

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Decent review. It needs to be noted that these figures are tiny when compared to the norman 1/35 figure. They are almost child-like in size. They will be fine when used together, but are too small to mix with other figures. You can check this thread for an ongoing discussion on their size.
APR 26, 2009 - 06:16 PM

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