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1/48 SturmTiger - First Edition with Special Parts
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by: Ted Hayward [ TED_HAYWARD ]


The German SturmTiger (38cm RW61 auf Sturmmorser) is well-represented in 1/35th scale, now with a separate 38cm ammunition set and interior kit released by AFV Club. Can we dream of the same in 1/48th scale soon? This tiny Tiger easily yields a dis-proportionate amount of modeling fun for a small investment. Including photo-etched brass engine grille mesh usually found in 1/35th scale kits, and different muzzle counter-weight options, this kit definitely has that all important value-for-bucks factor.

Affordability and a small display space commitment make me a convert to the quarter-scale camp. Sometimes one doesnít feel like spending months on a complex 1/35th scale kit. For the weekend warrior, this new range of quarter-scale gems from AFV Club I can recommend for beginners and experienced builders alike. In an effort to offer value at a reasonable price during these uncertain times, AFV Clubís new range of smaller kits are priced lower than their Tamiya counter-parts. They also offer an affordable entry into the hobby for beginners. This new quarter-scale collection will also include, as well as the two previous Tiger I (Early and Late) variants, a range of 251 half-tracks. I reviewed the AFV Club Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf. C Half-track Here on Armorama.


217 parts (187 plastic, 20 screws, 4 etched brass, 4 metal zimmerit trowels, vinyl tracks). The first production run of kits will also include a limited-edition print of the box art (pictured above). You will be left with many parts for the spares bin. Because the real SturmTigers were assembled from re-cycled Tiger I's, this kit includes most of the sprues from the previous 1/48th scale Tiger kit which I also reviewed Here on Armorama.


This kit dispenses with the complexity of the Tigerís inter-leaving road wheel suspension: torsion arms are moulded as part of the lower hull tub, the wheels are held onto their axles with tiny screws, which are then covered with hubcaps.

Despite my aversion to vinyl tracks in general, the kit-supplied vinyl tracks are as good as from any manufacturer, being devoid of any flash. Soft and supple, they are designed to be joined with ordinary cement. They are in fact so soft, care must be taken not to melt the vinyl with excessive cement. For this reason, donít be tempted to warm them with hot water, either! I used a couple of spring clips to hold the ends together while the cement dried. The tracks are easily cemented-down to the tops of the road wheels to attain realistic track-sag. They have exceptional detail and when weathered, are indistinguishable from individual track links.

I will soon add the separately-available individual track link set from AFV Club (item #AF48003), as I plan to depict my SturmTiger in a diorama with broken tracks.


The stand-out features of this kit must certainly be the excellent detail of the ammunition loading crane and the ease of build. After spending an enjoyable 12 week-end hours on this little gem, Iím ready for the next quarter-scale release from AFV Club. Though zimmerit is not moulded-on as in the Tiger I (Late Version) kit, the special-edition release does include a set of tiny zimmerit trowels in 1/48th scale Ėwhich will also come in very handy for those nooks and crannies on bigger-scale zimmeriting jobs. The lower hull nose and rear plate have the zimmerit finish pre-moulded, as they are from the Tiger I (Late Version) kit. I'm certainly no expert on the Sturmtiger, but I can say the finished model includes everything one sees in the 1/35th scale kits. It really goes well with my 1/48th scale Tiger Is from Tamiya and AFV Club.


Germany's Tiger Tanks D.W. to Tiger I: Design, Production & Modifications
By Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary L. Doyle.

Highs: Nice detail in a simple-to-build package. Options are given for two types of rear escape hatch. Highly recommended for any German armor fan.
Lows: Zimmerit is not moulded-on. No interior detail or ammunition. No sling is provided for the crane, nor any decals (I have never seen wartime photos of a SturmTiger with markings). Iíll just use a strip of paper or similar for a sling.
Verdict: PE engine deck screens, plus great tracks. An enjoyable build at an affordable price! Goes nicely with my increasing collection of 1/48th scale.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: AF48006
  Suggested Retail: $ 14.99 (Lucky Model)
  PUBLISHED: Aug 01, 2009

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