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In-Box Review
RN 15” Gun Turrets Mk. I Early
Royal Navy 15” Gun Turrets Mark I Polygon Early
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by: Scott Espin [ SPIFF ]

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Model Shipwrights


Admiralty Model Works specializes in producing top quality model kits in different scales. This set represents the early 15” Mark I Gun turrets fitted to the Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign (Revenge) class battleships which allowed the guns to be elevated only 20 degrees, as compared to the later version which allowed 30 degrees and a corresponding increase in range.


Beginning in 1915, most Royal Navy Battleships and Battlecruisers were equipped with the 15” Mark I gun. The 15” Mark I was quickly developed as an enlarged and strengthened version of the 13.5” Mark V gun and mounting. The larger armament provided much greater hitting power with fewer guns; 8 x 15” guns in 4 twin mounts versus 10 x 13.5” in guns in 5 twin mounts, in addition to slightly increased in range. The gun proved to be very reliable and accurate and could drop tight groups of shells even at 20,000 yards. These turrets were heavily armored with 13.5” of armor on the face, 11” on the sides and 4.25” on the roof.

These turrets were used on the “Queen Elizabeth” and “Royal Sovereign” (Revenge) Class Battleships and as originally built they allowed for a gun elevation of 20 degrees. Later modifications increased the elevation to 30 degrees with a corresponding increase in range. This set is based on the original early turrets.

These turrets are appropriate for the following Royal Navy Battleships:

Queen Elizabeth Battleships
• Queen Elizabeth
• Warspite
• Valiant
• Barham
• Malaya

Royal Sovereign (Revenge) Class Battleships
• Ramilles
• Resolution
• Revenge
• Royal Oak
• Royal Sovereign

The Set

This set from Admiralty Model Works is packaged in a small clear plastic bag with a small tag folded over and stapled at the top. There are 6 turrets, 4 with 15 ft. rangefinders and 2 with 30’ range finders.

The detail of the rangefinders and turrets look good and are superior to the often ambiguous details of the original kit parts. The only flaw I can see are that the 30’ rangefinders, which extend beyond the width of the turret and should be straight and perpendicular to the deck, sag down just a bit. Delicate ladders are cast onto the sides. You can use the plastic kit barrels or supply your own aftermarket barrels and you will have to make your own blast bags Care will be needed when adapting the barrels for use with these turrets. Carefully measure the exterior barrel length and take into account the shallow depth of the holes in the front of the turret. I would suggest frequent dry fitting to ensure the proper angle at the base in order to achieve the elevation you want. Remember, 20 degrees is the maximum elevation for this turret configuration. You will have to make your own blast bags so sculpting skills are needed here.


Overall it’s a good set and is a nice upgrade for kits with more simplistically molded styrene turrets. Some modeling skills will be required to adapt barrels to the turrets and to craft your own blast bags around the base of the guns.


Osprey New Vanguard British Battleships (2) Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign Classes
Osprey New Vanguard 154
By Angus Konstam
IIlustrated by Tony Bryan & Paul Wright

Conway’s Battleships (revised and expanded edition)
The Definitive Visual Reference to the World’s All-Big-Gun Ships
Naval Institute Press
Highs: Nice details, including rangefinders and ladders. Proper shape of the early 15” Mark I turrets.
Lows: Skills needed to attach barrels and create your own blast bags, which should be no big deal for intermediate modelers and above.
Verdict: These are a nice representation of the early 15” Mark I Turrets used on the Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign (Revenge) class battleships.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: 700/519
  Suggested Retail: US $10.00
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 11, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Admiralty Model Works!
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