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In-Box Review
Modelpoint Barrel BMP-1 2A28

by: Jacques Duquette [ JACQUES ]

Representing the 2A28 "GROM" 73mm low pressure gun barrel, this hidden gem will replace the main armament for the BMP-1 and the BMD-1. However, it is only for the -1P series (and later) due to the lack of a mounting plate on the barrel sleeve for the AT-3 “Sagger” ATGM.

This 2 piece barrel (main barrel and locking nut) of machined aluminum clearly shows its craftsmanship when compared to the plastic kit offerings. I had initially scoffed at the barrel, basically due to it’s price, thinking that it could not be that much different than what was found in any of the kits. Was I wrong. When comparing it to those injection molded offerings, the difference really stands out.

The first major difference is that it has crisper details than any of the plastic offerings. The machining of the entire piece is well done, with the "locking nuts" having nice, crisp grooves. Looking at photos, the only detail area that might be improved is that between the outer (middle) locking nut and the main barrel, although I am not sure this could be done realistically.

I do not have measurements of the real thing, but I am willing to rely on Model Point's accuracy since they have access to the real barrel. It has been drilled out on the end sufficiently to give the appearance of a hollow barrel. Since the real barrel is smooth-bore, there is no rifling present. The barrel measures 43.5mm in length, which was of middle length compared to all of the plastic kit barrels (which I also measured), with only the Esci/ERTL/AMT barrel being longer.

It scales out well compared to photos.

The barrel takes a 5/64 drill bit to mount, but only the DML/Zvezda/Italeri and Esci/ERTL/AMT kits will need any drilling to accept the barrel. The Skif kit of the BMD-1 will take the barrel without modification, and the Eastern Express kit will need to have the locking nut molded onto the mantlet sanded off if you choose to use it on this kit. All resin BMP-1 turrets I know with the 2A28 will also need to be drilled out.

Well worth the money.

The 1st group photo shows (from top to bottom) the Model Point barrel, the (Dark Green) Zvezda/DML barrel, and the (Light Green) Esci barrel. The second group photo shows the (Light Green) Skif barrel, the Model Point barrel, and the (Light Gray) Eastern Express barrel.

Thanks to Dmitriy Li of Model Point US for providing the review sample.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: MP3513
  Suggested Retail: $8.25
  Related Link: Modelpoint US sales page
  PUBLISHED: Sep 21, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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