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In-Box Review
2S1 2A31 122mm barrel

by: Jacques Duquette [ JACQUES ]

Representing the 2A31 122mm howitzer barrel, Model Point have made a very nice turned aluminum barrel that will definitely add detail to the working end of the Skif 2S1 kit. However, it does not come with a replacement baffle and even though it is similar to the towed D-30 kit, this barrel will not work with the D-30 kit.

This 2 piece barrel set, split at the fume extractor, is made from machined aluminum. Since Model Point have access to the prototype I am assuming that all dimensions are correct. The overall measurement of the barrel is 78.5 mm long and according to references, looks to be correct. Attaching the barrel to the Skif or SP Designs kit is simply a matter of replacing the kit barrel; no drilling or filing necessary. I am not sure on the newest of the AEF Designs 2S1 turret, but the barrel fit is some what sloppily on my turret from the early 1990’s release of AEF Designs 2S1 kit. However, there should be no problem eyeballing it in and gluing it if you are going to use it on the AEF Designs turret.

The barrel offers many advantages over any other offering, the first being (obviously) NO seam to clean/file/sand/worry over and also including nice, clean machined demarcations between the segments of the barrel, especially around the fume extractor. It also has a nice tapering of the barrel from the base towards the fume extractor. This appears to be more prototypical than the Skif offering, compared to photo’s of the prototype.

Photo references I have seem to differ on how much barrel should be between the barrel base and the first “ring”. Some sources seem to show little to no barrel in this area, while others seem to show the length that Model Point have on their barrel. Again, I am not positive so I will take the Model Point barrel on faith. Also, and important in my books, there is no replacement baffle in this set, which would have been nice as the Skif offering is a pain to fix properly.

This barrel is well worth the money, and is especially complimentary if you have purchased any other after market items for the Skif 2S1 kit.

In the photo are (from left to right) the Model Point barrel with the Skif baffle, the SP Designs barrel, the Skif barrel, and a barrel from the 2S1 kit offered by AEF Designs in the early 1990’s. As can be seen, none of the barrels seem to match in almost any respect.

Thanks to Dmitriy Li of Model Point for providing the review sample.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: MP3518
  Suggested Retail: 11.85
  Related Link: Modelpoint US page
  PUBLISHED: Sep 23, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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