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In-Box Review
Pz-1A Ambulance Version

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

A short time ago Jim Rae reviewed a new model company from the Ukraine, namely Master Box Limited. (or MLB for this reviews purposes). In his post, Jim had stated that although this company has a small range of vehicle kits in the 1/35th scale, they are nonetheless very interesting kits, at that. I feel that after examining their current and future model kits, this company may give us modelers some unique and uncommon kits currently not available from some of the other competitors. I have been in correspondence with Mr. Alex Surzhenko, Director of Master Box Limited, and this review (and the ones to follow) is the result of this newfound friendship.

Master Box Limited is currently producing four different model kits now, with more highly interesting future releases. This inbox review is of the Pz-1A Ambulance Version, which was a converted Ausf. A or B,(turret removed) that was unsuitable for Eastern Front Operations and used for medical transportation.

The kit comes in a medium weight cardboard box, with a removable lid, which is covered with glossy prints of the enclosed model in five different angles, on the box lid itself. Product description is also listed, as well as company information. The package art is very pleasing and accurate, as is the text description on the box top sides.

When you open up the box, inside you will find a sealed plastic bag containing all the goodies supplied with this kit. Upon opening the bag, it contains two large plastic sprues of tank parts, gray in color, in which detail molding looks very good, with no warping or distorted pieces on these sprues.
There is another small plastic sprue, molded in white, of figure parts ( 2 wounded soldiers in seated positions with bandages and one medic ), which are detailed very good also. Facial expression and uniform moldings look great. There are also two plastic sprues, molded in dark gray, of MBL's seperate tank treads (very interesting), one small ziploc baggie of photo-etched brass screen parts, and one decal sheet.

You will also find in this bag two fold out instruction sheets, rich with illustrations, and text in six languages, along with a black and white step-by-step photo assembly sheet-quite impressive! Also, take note that additional assembly instructions on building this model can be found on MBL's website, in the "Assembly" section. The instruction sheets are easy to read, with blow up drawings that are very clear, which should make assembly of this piece a breeze! There is also a very informative explanation and History of this machine in the beginning paragraphs of the instruction sheet itself. As far as painting instructions, they prove to be a little sketchy on this model, but between the color shots on the box and website, and some modeling common sense accurate painting doesn't look to be a problem at all.

I personally cannot wait to begin construction of this kit, (the individual tracks I'm most interested to try, but that's another review in itself!). I feel that upon seeing this kit from Master Box Limited, you will find that quality is good, detail of the parts is good also, and overall looks to be a great build! I think that this model and others from MBL are going to generate a great deal of excitement among the treadheads out there.

Review kit was provided and recieved from Master Box Limited, Ulraine, Thank you again, Alex.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 3506AmbulanceVersionPz1A
  Suggested Retail: Not Availa
  Related Link: Master Box Limited Home Page
  PUBLISHED: Oct 27, 2004

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