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In-Box Review
Munitionsschlepper Pz-1A

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

The following review is the second in a series of Master Box Limited's line of 1/35th scale Armour models. For those that have missed the first, Master Box LTD. is a fairly new model producing company that is based in the UK, who is currently producing 4 (very soon to be 5) very unique Armour models currently not offered by other model companies.

This review is of the " Munitionsschlepper ", or Ammunition Transporter. Battles of the Eastern Front in Russia, 1941, revealed the complete helplessness of light tanks; that is, tanks less than 75 mm calibre, which had no chance of survival on the front. By 1942 the Pz-1A and Pz-1B had been withdrawn from service and some of the machines were converted into Ammunition Transporters (Munitionsschleppers). Turrets were removed, and open top welded boxes were put in their place to be filled with shells to be transported to tanks positioned on the Front.

This kit is provided in a medium weight cardboard, lidded type box, on which the lid is covered with color depictions of the tank in many angle shots for reference. The artwork is very accurate, as is the matching text about the tank itself. Upon opening the box, you find the entire kit enclosed in a sealed plastic bag, 100 parts on 2 sprues aside from the seperate tank treads. Sprue's A & B are molded in a neutral Gray color. Sprue A contains 31 parts itself, mainly the tank body and suspension kit parts, while on sprue B you will find the turret, ammo box, and the other finer detailed parts of this kit. Overall molding of the parts looks good and clean, clear detail, with no apparent warping or blemishes on these sprues.

Also in the bag you will find 2 other sprues of MB LTD's seperate tank treads, one Decal sheet, and a small ziplock baggie of photo-etched brass screen parts that are used for the air intakes and muffler guards on this kit...very neat, indeed! The booklet-style instruction sheets that are provided are very good, with clear and easy to read illustrations of all numbered parts, with blow-up drawings for assembly. Also, a step-by-step Black and White photo assembly sheet is included for further instruction. Please note that even further additional kit instructions can be found on the companies web site under the " Assembly " heading. Also in the instruction sheet is a really cool chart of tactical and technical specifications of the full grown Munitionsschlepper as well as a brief history of the subject. I also want to add that text is provided in six different language formats, as well.

Assembly of this kit looks very similar to the Pz-1A Ambulance version previously reviewed (since both models are based upon Pz-1A and B tank bodies). There are 2 color pattern variations that this kit can be painted in accurately, and this is the only part of instruction that seems to be a slightly "gray" area, with only the side shot illustrations provided as a diagram with both solid and camo pattern colors listed. Not saying that I see a problem in an accurate representation of painting this model, but previous experience in tank building and painting will definately be helpful in this area. It doesn't look too much of a big deal though with all of the color shots that are provided with the kit and on the companies web site.

All in all the Munitionssschlepper looks to be another winner in Master Box Limited's growing line of armour kits, offering modelers a choice in some unique and different
subjects. Many thanks to Mr. Alex Surzhenko, Director of Master Box LTD. for providing the review kit, mailed promptly overseas from the Ukraine.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 3504MunitionsschlepperPz1A
  Suggested Retail: Not Availa
  Related Link: Master Box LTD. Official Web Page
  PUBLISHED: Nov 02, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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