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WW2 German Headphones
WW2 German Headphones and Throatmics
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by: Robert Blokker [ FAUST ]


The new side branch of K59 named 1120 Productions is showing the world a new standard in detail when it comes to small accessories, and kicks off with an absolutely brilliant set of headphones and throat mikes. Currently all their releases are German accessories but they are among the best I have seen so far. This review of the headphones will show you what I mean.

Release Z-01 are WW2 German panzer headphones and throat mikes. These items were carried by pretty much all German tank commanders during WW2 to communicate, with their crew, other tankers and HQ during battle.

The Kit

The kit comes in a small black, sturdy box measuring 3.4 cm high, 9.2 cm wide and 5.3 cm deep. Inside you will find 27 really tiny resin parts, 5 small PE frets and a small sheet of paper with the build instructions.

the review

In total you have enough parts to build three sets of headphones and throat mikes, complete with wiring and plugs. The PE frets contain the wiring for the headphones, plus the head and neck bands for both items, along with numerous small details. 1120 Productions really did their homework, as they took measurements of original gear and made their masters after that, creating a set with some of the tiniest parts I have ever seen. The detailing they managed to put into this set is ludicrous, and absolutely spot-on. Dimensions are right, and, yes, assembly will be really fiddly with the headphone without the wiring, which consists of 9 parts, both in resin and PE. Together with wiring you will get to a grand total of 11 pieces.

The throat microphones are also modeled after a real example, and you can definitely see that this delivers a more convincing look than what currently is the only alternative: namely the little PE strips that DML delivers with some of their kits. The actual microphone ends of the 1120 throat mikes are the correct size and shape, complete with the plugs in which you insert wire!


The details 1120 Productions managed to put into their sets is simply amazing. When I looked around for AM parts for my Wespe project, I came across this set and the radio set from the same brand (see my review here on Armorama). I ordered them immediately, and while they are not cheap, for the money you get a set with absolutely no flaws. It will raise your build to even greater standards.

But a little word of warning: there are some really ridiculously tiny parts in the set. Iím talking about resin parts 1mm wide and super thin. They are very easy to lose, and are damaged if you look angry at them. Thereís even a fun bonus: three Iron Crosses in PE, which I think were added to fill-in some leftover space on the PE fret. Still, they are a nice addition to an already excellent set.
Highs: Super detail. Measurements taken from original items, plus three bonus Iron Crosses in PE. Really complete
Lows: Extremely small parts, which need careful handling, otherwise they break or you will lose them.
Verdict: 1120 Productions sets a new standard when it comes to detail with pretty much the best headphone and throat mike set on the market.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: Z-01
  Suggested Retail: $10,75
  PUBLISHED: Feb 12, 2011

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