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In-Box Review
Kleiner Panzerbefelswagen KLA 1

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

This inbox review is of Master Box Limited's KLA 1, Kleiner Panzerbefelswagen, or small Armoured Commanders Machine, Kl.Pz.Bf.Wg. Third in a series of reviews of this relatively new and unique model company, based in the Ukraine. This machine was created on the base of the T-1A tank. At the first stage of Panzerwaffe creation, the German Command considered that the leader of tank subdivision himself shouldn't necessarily participate in battle; he should concentrate on battle control and maneuvers....Therefore, the first tanks in this series had no armament at all. The tanks crew consisted of three people, the tank commander/tank subdivision leader, the radio-telegrapher, and the tank driver himself. This tank was equipped with 2 very powerful radio stations for communications with other tanks in battle.
After a short time period, it was concluded that the tank should be armed and the machine was equipped with one, MG-13 7.92mm machine gun, along with the sophisticated radio equipment on board of the tank.

This kit is provided in an attractive package, which holds true to MB Ltd.s quality. It comes in a medium weight cardboard box with removable lid, virtually covered in artwork depicting the subject in 2 different color schemes and 4 seperate poses of the tank in each color variation. The artwork is very good and equally as accurate, as is the accompanying text about the subject model. This kit, as I have found with other MB Ltd's models, is packaged inside a sealed plastic bag, which contains the kits contents. The kit has a total of 94 molded plastic parts on two seperate sprues, Tagged A & B, which are molded in quality plastic, gray in color. Detail molding of the parts is good, with fine detals such as bolts, rivets, door hinges, etc. being defined and represented very clearly and accurately. On sprue A you will find the tanks lower body parts and suspension/propulsion system, in 31 parts itself.
Sprue B contains the upper body, tank turret and the finer detailed pieces of the KLA1, 61 parts in all on this sprue. I must say that Master Boxes plastic is a joy to work with, which is not too brittle or not too soft, a good mid-range achieved by this company.
Sprue C contains MB Ltd's seperate tank treads, molded in a dark gray color...Also contained in this bag is one decal sheet, and one small ziplock baggie of photo-etched brass screen parts for muffler guards and vents on this model kit. The decal sheet provided is small, but very interesting in itself, with markings provided for three different tank divisions, from three different time frames!...very cool, indeed. Also, I'd like to add that the four tiny photo-etched brass screens that are provided are etched clean and precise, and will give an added boost of realism to this kit.
The instruction sheets that are provided are very clear and loaded with blow-up drawings and parts listings in a 5 page booklet style format, printed in 6 different languages as well. A brief history of this tank is also noted on the cover page of the instruction sheets. Assembly of this model can be made easier by the black and white step-by-step photo instruction sheet included, as well as logging on to the companies website for even more additional instruction and color photo's in the " Assembly " section of the web page.
This tank is similar in construction to the first 2 Master Box subjects that were previously reviewed, the Pz-1A Ambulance Version and the Munitionsschlepper, which I am in the process of building both models now myself, and if the KLA1 is anything like these other tanks, it should be a true joy to build...Other than some very minor fit problems on the turret and the bottom front piece of the tank body ( which I corrected very easily with a little Tamiya Putty), these models are a breeze to assemble.
Paint instruction for the KLA1 is provided in three different version/time frames and patterns respectively; France 1940, Poland September 1939, and Spain 1936/1937. All in all, this 1/35 scale armor kit holds to the quality that I have experienced previously from this new model company, Master Box Limited, based in the Ukraine...This kit is highly recommended and will make a nice addition to your tread collection or Dio.

Review kit was provided and promptly sent over the waves by Mr. Alex Surzhenko, Director of Master Box Limited, Ukraine. Thanks again, Alex.

Any comments, questions, and suggestions are definately welcome...
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: Kl.Befelswagen1A3502
  Suggested Retail: $21.95 U.S
  Related Link: Master Box LTD. Official Web Page
  PUBLISHED: Nov 08, 2004

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