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In-Box Review
U.S. N. Sailor and Navy Office
Royal Model – U.S. N. Sailor and Navy Officer WWII
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

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Model Shipwrights


This is my second look at some of the Royal Models USN figures. This time a 2 figure set of a sailor and USN Officer. The figures were sculpted by R Reale and the painting on the box art is by the same gentleman.

The Set

The figures come in a small cardboard box, with a nice picture of the painted figures in an appropriate setting. The box has the product information and makes name. The box is vacuum sealed.

Inside the box are 2 zip plastic bags, one for each figure. No other packing as present but mine arrived safely.

USN Officer

The Officer comes moulded in light grey resin, the detail looks good and I could see no damage or air bubbles to worry about. Height wise from feet to top of his shoulder he measures 41mm. The body proportions look quite acceptable.
This is a simple standing figure of a USN Officer. The body is moulded as a whole with separate head and arms. There will only be the pour stubs to remove and a little flash before you get to the enjoyable bit.

Consisting of 4 parts, the figure is dressed in ‘Working Khaki’ consisting of shirt, tie, belt, trousers. and shoes. The shirt and trousers have very good detail with only a little flash to clean out between the legs.

The head and arms are separate items, the head shows the face of a trough looking chap, the facial detail is very good and he is has a cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth. To complete the head you get and officers cap again with nice detail.

The arms are designed to hang by the sides, again detail is good and the right hand holds a clipboard.

USN Sailor

Cast in both a light cream resin with his right arm and head in a grey resin this too is a simple figure. Again no damage was present.

Consisting of 7 parts the Sailor comes dressed in a work shirt with sleeves rolled up and denims, a pair of boots complete the dress. In his right hand he holds a spanner. His upper body and lower legs and boots are separate items as are the head and arms.

The head sports a Sailors cap push back from the brow and the hair and facial detail are excellent.

He should build into a very good figure and with excellent detail should paint up really well.

Both figures compliment each other, the box art depicting them in conversation. Although not particularly exciting in their poses, they are none the less very natural looking and could be used as a pair or individually as needs be, in a wide variety of situations.


Another excellent set of figures from Royal Models. Great to have more choice for those interested in 1/35 naval subjects and settings and they will compliment any 1/35 USN boat/ship without any problem, or any dockyard scene you might have in mind.

Royal Model figures come in on the slightly more costly end of the AM figure range but with possible limitations on sales in this subject area, one can’t really complain.

I’m not a USN uniform expert but from the pictures I’ve studied the dress looks accurately sculpted on both figuers.

Both are well cast and have great detail. The Officer looks quite glum, repairs not going well??

These may be of interest to both figure painters and diorama builder alike.

Normal precautions apply when working with resin.

You can view the range of Royal Model figuers at:

Royal Model
Highs: Excellent casting and detailed
Lows: None not mentioned
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: No.536
  Suggested Retail: 24.00 euro
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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