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Maus Mix Ground Cover Material
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by: Matthew Quiroz [ RED4 ]


If you build dioramas, I have a feeling you will have an interest in this product line. Maus Werx out of Colorado Springs CO. has some very cool and different ground material and oil staining products they sent my way to take for a test drive. I did just that and I am quite happy with the way they performed.

the products

Ground cover Materials (Maus Mix) - $12.95ea.
• #MM-SU Summer
• #MM-FA Fall
• #MM-WM Winter Mud
• #MM-WF Winter Frost
• #MM-SN Snow Flakes

Oil Stains for wood (Maus Stains) - $5.95ea.
• #MS-DW Dark Wood
• #MS-OW Oak Wood
• #MS-FW Faded Wood
• #MS-BW Old Wood

Clear Coat-$4.95ea.
• #MP-CC


The ground cover materials are a mixture of various materials that together create an effect that is different than what I have found with Woodland Scenic (WS) products I have used in the past. They are used in the same manner; apply some white glue to the area you want to cover, sprinkle on the ground materials to completely cover the area, lightly tamp the material down, then tilt and lightly tap to remove the excess. You can add additional layers for different effects. It can then be sealed for a more permanent result using WS Scenic Cement or a diluted mixture of white glue and water. They come in a nice heavy glass jar with a sealable lid featuring the Maus Werx logo and easy to follow instructions on the reverse side of the jar.

The ground cover mixtures contain small clumps of material that are well suited as small bushes and/weeds. The colors replicate those found in nature pretty closely and it’s all in one container. No need to buy dead grass, dark green grass, bush clumps etc. separately.

My test sample is a piece of 1” thick foam insulation material painted on one side with a black acrylic paint and left to dry. Once dry it was sectioned off into four areas. I applied a nice layer of Elmers white glue with a brush, and then sprinkled on my mixture. I repeated these steps for all four colors and didn’t apply any paint to them as I wanted to show what they look like straight from the jar. I sealed everything in with a light coat of Scenic Cement and left it to dry. I tested the Snow Flakes on a separate smaller piece with all four of the colors and got a little carried away, but it looks great none the less.

My test subjects for the wood stains are really fancy pieces of popsicle stick or craft sticks imported all the way in from the nearest Hobby Lobby. The three darker stains are oil based and the faded wood stain is a water based stain. I applied them as the directions stated, with a brush, then wiped them with a clean rag. I applied two coats to ensure I got good coverage on them. I left half of the sticks unstained so-as to show the before and after effects of the stains. Coverage is good, and clean up is easy with a little thinner.

I also received a small jar of acrylic based clear coat, but have as yet to be able to try it. If it is as good as the other products, I have no worries!

Maus Werx is a small company that offers a variety of products and will add more as they grow. More information about them and their products can be found here on the website:
Maus Werx

I would like to thank Maus Werx for providing the review samples.
Highs: Ease of use. Pre-mixed.
Lows: None I'm aware of.
Verdict: Good stuff. Different than what is currently available.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: MMSU
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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After a several year break from the hobby I have happily returned to it. Slowly, but surely getting my mojo back.

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Matthew I like the look of this product as it would appear to offer an easy way to obtain a realistic finish. Could you tell me if the ground cover is sold by weight or volume and just how much of the product you get for your $12.95 and also is it available in the UK? I have spotted an issue with this product and that is by using glass jars they have made postage expensive for anyone placing an order due to weight.
MAR 06, 2011 - 10:45 AM
Darren, You would have to contact Maus Werx directly to order from them, but he will ship to the UK and elsewhere. The weight of the jars is not so much that it will drive the shipping cost up. For a glass jar it is pretty light. I asked about lighter weight containers and it is cost prohibitive to him as he would have to buy them by the 100's to keep his cost down. The large jars are 4" tall, roughly 3" in diameter and weigh 8.3 oz. The jar of snow is 3"x2" and weighs 5.5 oz and the small jars of stain are 2"x2" and weigh 3.6oz each. The weights are with the product in them. Hope that helps. "Q"
MAR 07, 2011 - 12:23 AM
Thank you for the answers Matthew. I agree the weight is not that high, I would still suggest that if these were packed in ziplock bags for oversea customers the postage costs would be greatly reduced, and having been hit by the customs for VAT, handling, yarda , yarda, yarda, anything that reduces costs to the customer makes the product more desirable. When customs and excise select you for special consideration you are charged on the postage costs as well as the product cost and so it does matter.
MAR 07, 2011 - 02:15 AM
Matt I contacted Maus Werx with some suggestions ref packaging for customers outside of the USA and a suggestion for an addition to one of their products you have reviewed. The reply I received was positive.
MAR 08, 2011 - 05:28 AM
Outstanding. I will actually see the man behind Maus Werx tonight. Will pick his brain a bit. "Q"
MAR 09, 2011 - 10:28 AM
The ground cover looks good, the stains not so much. How about a photo of something in 1/35 on the ground cover to see how it looks to scale
MAR 10, 2011 - 03:29 AM

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