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Bofors upgrade set w/barrel
40mm L/60 Bofors upgrade set with L/60 barrel for Bronco 35028
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by: Ted Hayward [ TED_HAYWARD ]


A new-comer to the aftermarket upgrade scene, Orange Hobby is quickly becoming a prolific producer of brass photo-etched detail parts for popular new kits. These sets contain high-quality brass machined and PE parts, and this latest up-grade for Bronco's 40mm Canadian Bofors anti-aircraft gun is no exception.


As well as a beautifully-machined brass barrel and flash-hider, the kit contains photo-etched brass splinter shields, complete with mounting gussets and 20...yes, TWENTY, rivet heads. Though the kit shields have beveled edges for a thin look, these PE replacements result in a scale "thinnness" not possible in styrene. Upon completion, I was truly impressed!


Aside from keen eyesight, CA cement, and a rock-steady grasp of the tweezers, no special tools are needed. I'm still making do with a steel ruler and good duck-bill tweezers. The instructions are on the usual single page pamphlet, and fairly clear. The only point to give me hesitation came when installing the barrel and its collar. It's not clear in the instructions, but the barrel is not to be fitted within parts D4/D5, but rather butts against. Installing those twenty rivet heads to the exterior of the splinter shields will be an exercise in patience -I'm still searching for a couple of these tiny parts under my workbench. With no working hinges or other really fiddly bits, the rest of the build is smooth-sailing; the result is a truly stunning kit. I'm thinking of adding the finished gun to my ongoing Italeri PT boat.

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A very affordable and not overly-frustrating addition to an already great kit (the first Bronco product I've had the pleasure of building). The only thing I could add would be the turned-brass 40mm ammunition set also available from Orange Hobby. Highly recommended!
Highs: Fit of all parts is very good. This excellent upgrade set gives a realistic scale thickness to the gun shields, otherwise not possible in plastic.
Lows: The instruction sheet is a bit vague. Some dry-fitting is needed, before cementing. Contains some tiny, very fiddly parts (20 rivet heads).
Verdict: An excellent upgrade for an already great kit. Definitely not for the beginner!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: G35-071-68
  Suggested Retail: US $ 12.63
  PUBLISHED: Apr 23, 2011

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