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In-Box Review
British tank crew w/accessories (OIF)

by: greatbrit [ GREATBRIT ]

I didnt know of this figure set until yesterday, when i purchased one from IPMS scale model world, but im really glad hobby fan have chosen tthis subject as in my opinion they produce some of the finest resin figures available at the moment.

This set comprises of a pair of British tankies in typical desert attire, 3 coalition ID panels, and a pair of CVRt headlight guards.

whilst the box art depicts them crewing a scimitar (plus you get the headlight guards) the figures could be used in any vehicle used at the moment, both in op telic or anywhere else, all that is required is to paint them in whatever DPM pattern you like.

I have been unable to obtain a picture of the set so i will do my best to describe them:

The figures themselves are moulded in a fine yellow resin, which makes it harder to see the fine surface detail. Once you have primed them, you will see just how good these figures are. Both figures are moulded from the knee up, meaning they can only be used in a vehicle, but as they are a tank crew this does not limit there use much.

One soldier wears his combat 95 shirt, a neck scarf, and a standard tank crew helmet. He is posed pointing with his right arm and shouting, maybe he has spotted an iraqi insurgent? The only problem with this figure is he has an FFD pocket on his arm, this is totally wrong, as 95 shirts have no such pocket.

The second soldier of the set wears body armour over a smock or shirt, a neck scarf and a kevlar infantry helmet. Again the FFD pocket is present, when neither 95 shirt or smock have one. The only jacket that features such a pocket is the windproof smock, which has a large hood, and isnt something i would want to wear in the desert! Another glaring error is with the body armour. British body armour features two small plates, one front, one back placed roughly over the heart. these are housed in prominant pockets, which are missing on the figure.

The facial expressions of the pair, is very similar but not the same, and the set includes an alternative head for the second soldier with a tankie helmet, rather than an infantry one.

The accessories included in the set are a nice addition, with the CID panels being so thin light shines through them. the CVRt headlight guards are useful also, mine going sraight to the spares box.

A test fit of the figures indicates there will be no fit problem at all, the little pins moulded into the arms will actually hold them in place in the torso without glue!

Overall this is a very good set, well detailed and providing useful accessories. However some may find the errors i described annoying. The FFD pockets can be simply sliced off, however it will take a little more work to add the pockets to the body armour.

I recommend this set to any fan of modern, especially British, armour. Just bear in mind the little errors in accuracy before you buy.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: HF566
  Suggested Retail: 17.99
  PUBLISHED: Nov 21, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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