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Book Review
Italian Battleships
Italian Battleships of World War II Vanguard Series 182
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by: Donald [ THEMACHINE ]

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Model Shipwrights


Italian Naval Strategy and the Role of the Battleship
Italian Battleship Doctrine
Naval Treaties and Italian Battleship Construction
Italian Battleship Weapons
Italian Battleship Radar
The Battleship Classes
Italian Battleships at War
Analysis and Conclusion


Osprey has once again published an excellent book full of facts and details. It has many photographs and color illustrations for reference. Even though the Italian Battleships operated without radar for much of the war, they still pursued the Royal Navy every chance they could. After the disastrous attack on their fleet at Taranto, the Italian Nay quickly got their big gun battleships back into the war. The book also details the history of their battleships after World War II until their final fates. Book was written by Mark Stille.


There are 47 black and white photos of Battleships ranging from 1913 to 1943. Many of the photos show the ships in action during World War II.


There are 7 full page color illustration describing the different camouflage schemes the battleships wore between 1941 and 1943. These detailed illustrations were done by Paul Wright.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed reading this informative and detailed book about the Italian Navy's Battleships. It opened my eyes and answered many questions I had as to the role the Italian Navy and its Battleships played in World War II. Although usually outnumbered and out gunned, the Italian Battleships were constantly sent out to find and engage the Royal Navy. Their success was poor due to a lack of fuel and poor intelligence. Fortunately, many of the Battleships survived the war to serve with other nations. Since I am an avid model ship builder, the illustrations in this book will help me and any modeler by adding the proper details and paint schemes. With Trumpeters recent release of the Roma, this book would assist greatly in recreating an accurate model.
Although drawn into the second world war sooner than it was prepared for, the Italian Navy did an admirable job of keeping its territory in the Mediterranean. It held its own again the overwhelming might of the Royal Navy. The Italian Navy's battleships played a key role in attacking convoys and opposing warships.
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 21, 2011

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