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In-Box Review
Kneeling British Soldier
British Tommy Kneeling
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Recently whilst browsing the web I noticed a range of British Infantry under the Sovereign label. Some of these, at least, I recognized from the Great North Roads collection, and talking to Simon form GNR it appears that Marc Day of Sovereign has taken on the range. Anyway I came across one I hadnít seen before, that of a kneeling British Soldier.

There is no indication on the box who sculpted the figure but I liked the look and simplicity of the figure so bought it. The others I recognize as Simon's work as this one may well be too

Sovereign are a company that I don't see mentioned that often, but they have an interesting and affordable range of Allied vehicles and the addition of these figures will, I hope, prove successful for the company.

The figure

The figure comes packed in a small white box with the makers name and product detail on the front. Inside the box and contained in a small zip plastic bag are the parts of the figure. Cast in a cream coloured resin the figure was free from any damage and consists of 6 simple parts.

The figure depicts a kneeling British/Commonwealth soldier dressed in Battle Dress Trousers, shirt with rolled up sleeves and a Mk II helmet with camouflage on top. A set of anklets and ammo boots complete the figure. Consisting of 6 simple parts the figure is easy to clean up and assemble.
This is a simple figure with excellent detail, I could find no damage or cause for worry in the casting which is nicely done. Uniform detail looks fine and the facial detail is sharp.


A very good simple figure, in a dressed down order of clothing. The pose looks natural to me and I can see this chap being equally at home in a North West European situation or anywhere in the UK or Middle East theatre of operations.

Heís looking thoughtfully at something, but what is up to you. A medic, truck driver, mortar man or just a standard soldier the simplicity of the dress gives the modeller a lot of scope to final placement.

A very handy British/Commonwealth generic figure who should be of interest to figure painters and diorama builders alike. Change the head and you've got yourself a kneeling tanker or driver as needs be.
Normal precautions apply when working with resin.

I have included some WIP pictures at the bottom of the review to give a better idea of the assembled and painted figure. For my version I switched out the left arm and added one holding a water bottle but I have included pictures of both. Buy and enjoy a very good figure..
Highs: Excellent casting and detail.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: S2KFO10
  PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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