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Firestorm Models New Figure Releases

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

Announcing, three new 1/35 scale resin figure releases from Firestorm Models, Australia, with a brief look at what each set offers.
Ahh, Panzertruppen…These three new figure sets, cast solidly in resin from Firestorm Models, will give the German AFV modeler a little more variance in his subjects final appearance. In this review we will look at each of these new sets individually, and briefly discuss each.

“The German Winter Tank Crew Set” ($22)

This set (FST 109) consists of three figures total, one full figure and two half figures. The set comes to you in it’s own Ziploc bag, with a full color photo of the finished product supplied for painting reference and subject placement suggestions.

This resin kit has eight separate parts in all, as the full figure is a one piece casting, while the half figure’s heads, arms, and torso are supplied as separate pieces.

Detail of this kit is fantastic, very little to no flash on the pieces supplied. There looks to be just a little cleaning and sanding before you can begin construction and finish of these figures.

I do like the choice of uniforms on this set, the Panzer winter camo jackets are very cool and will finish out to be impressive. The variance in poses of these three figures will really add an interesting touch to your next build.

“The SS Winter Tankers Set” ($22)

This is listed as kit #FST077 in the Firestorm Catalog.
Twelve separate pieces make up this kit, with some in pairs supplied on casting lugs. The facial expressions on these two figures are truly wonderful! You can almost hear the seated tanker speaking his mind to his crewmate! (see Photo)

Detailing and casting on this set is remarkable, definitely a must have.

“The SS Winter Unterstormfuhrer” ($12.95)

The last item is a single figure. Sitting atop his machine, he quietly ponders about what is going on in his homeland….Crisp detail, clean lines, and an all around great figure…Regal!


With these three new additions to Firestorm Models product line, you can accurately reproduce an entire winter scheme Panzer Division diorama. I can picture it now, complete with armor, figures, and lot’s of snow…maybe even a few Panzergrenadiers to round it out!

Highly recommended, we’ll give these sets a definite A , pick some up today!

These and all of Firestorm Models products can be seen at:

Thanks to Firestorm Models
These three new figure sets, cast solidly in resin from Firestorm Models, will give the German AFV modeler a little more variance in his subjects final appearance.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $12.95 and
  Related Link: Firestorm Models official website
  PUBLISHED: Feb 06, 2005

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