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Book Review
Modelling the M113 Series

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

The M113 family of vehicles has been proven to be one of the most popular military designs of the past 40 years. The series, which was introduced in the early 1960’s, has encompassed numerous variants, served in over 50 countries, and several conflicts. This book is aimed at modelers with intermediate skills, and features five separate projects, each progressively challenging, covering a range of five different version/variations of the M113.
SERIES-Osprey Modeling, 14
FORMAT- 248mm X 184mm
EXTENT- 80 pages
BINDING- Paperback
ILLUSTRATIONS- 212 full color photographs
I. Introduction- workshop, tools & materials, construction, painting, photography
II. YPR –765 PRAT (Pantser Rups Anti-Tank)
III. K263 Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
IV. M92 PNMK (PaNsret MaskinKanon)
V. 4 X 25mm SIDAM (Sistema Integrato di Difesa Antiaerea Mobile)
VI. Lynx Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
VII. Further Reading, Websites
VIII. M113 Museum Listing
IX. Available Kits
X. M113 Series Nomenclature
XI. Index and Color Chart
the book
Attention scratch builders and conversion kit builders! If you have been hunting for a detailed, precise collection of conversion projects for the M113, then this book is written for you! The modeling projects that are covered within these pages range from reconnaissance, fire support, APC, to air defense variants.

From the opening paragraphs, one can tell that the author of this book is very well versed on the subject of the M113. He is also a very talented modeler as well. The projects covered in this book are definitely not for the beginning modeler, although a beginner can pick up some very useful information, tips, and techniques, as well as encouragement to move up to the next level of military scale model building and finishing.

Each separate project lists the degree of difficulty involved and the kits that are used. All additional detail sets, kit decals, markings, paint colors, brands, and paint numbers used are also listed. The author gives a background on each of the variants covered before jumping into the construction. Step by step color photographs illustrate scratch building, painting, and weathering techniques used to complete the subjects featured. This is quite an impressive collection of M113 projects. All processes are clearly mapped out with photos and excellent supporting text.

As you follow along progressively through the book, project difficulty increases, and the techniques and material used become more numerous, as well as more detailed and intricate. Commonly available kits and materials are used throughout, to make it easier for the modeler to produce the same results achieved by the author/modeler.

The author keeps the excitement up by offering many different variants of the M113 used by different countries and battle conflicts. To try to develop a synopsis of each project/chapter in this book would undoubtedly do an injustice to the publication. So much information and so many techniques on each project are covered! There aren’t any “gray areas” in these pages. The author does an excellent job of explaining the techniques used by both photo and text.

The reference sections of this book are fantastic. They are not only informative, but also up to date, since this book was just been published in January 2005. There is a museum listing of M113 variants, which gives the reader the opportunity of finding out a little more about the locations of various decommissioned M113s, throughout the world. The listing gives the country, museum location, and the vehicles displayed at each one.

Since the M113 is a supremely well-modeled subject, kits are available from practically every major model manufacturer in the world. There is a listing of available kit variations and producers, as well as the product numbers, to give the modeler a better edge at producing the variations covered in the book. The author also tells you where he himself purchased the materials and kits used. This makes the process even simpler-very useful, indeed!

To add to the technical side of the publication, there is an M113 Nomenclature chart provided, covering all variations and explanations of such. Finally, we find a nine color, color chart of samples and color names.
About the Author
Graeme Davidson, is a Captain in the Canadian Army, who is currently serving as the Artillery Trials Officer at the Land Forces Test and Evaluation Unit. He was educated at the Royal Military College, earning a BA with Honors in History, and is currently also working towards his Masters Degree in such. He has been modeling AFVs and aircraft for several years. His work has been published in modeling magazines as well as in the galleries of www.missing-lynx.com. All photographs in this publication were taken by the author, unless otherwise indicated. He also explains how he achieved the photo results.
Overall, this is one of the most concise coverings of M113 conversions that I have seen to date. It has a wealth of information covering the variants of the M113, and a great overview of scratch building and conversions. Definitely a must have for modelers of all skill levels, as there is something for everyone contained in these pages.

Many thanks to Mr. George Tew, of Osprey Publications for providing this excellent review sample, sent overseas from the U.K.

Keep Modeling!
This review and product examination is of Osprey Publishing's new Modeling Manual # 14, entitled “Modelling the M113 Series”, written by Graeme Davidson.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 1814768227
  Suggested Retail: $17.95 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 01, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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