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In-Box Review
Vosper MTB Crew
ADV Mini- Vosper MTB Crewmen
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

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Model Shipwrights


ADV are a new product manufacturer to me at any rate. Recently released are a crew set in 1/35 scale for the Italeri Vosper MTB kit. ADV have also released a set of 1/35 RN Heads but this is a look at the new crew figures for the Vosper.

ADV area French based company run by, if my data is correct, Ludovic Bertrand.

The Set

The set consists of 4 separate figures each packed in a small zip plastic bag and contained in a sturdy cardboard box which has the product and manufacturers basic detail and a picture of the painted contents.

The figures are cast in a light grey resin and contain 2 crewmen a helmsman and a skipper for the boat. The figures were free from damage and offer choice of finish as will be see later.

All the figures were cast in a light grey resin and all are in a standing/walking pose.

Figure 1 Ė Officer/Petty Officer

This portrays a standing figure consisting of six parts. The body cast as a whole, separate arms and head with and option pair of binoculars and an unknown part!

The figure stands at about 40mm heel to shoulder and has good body proportions.

Iím a bit confused as to exactly what this figure is meant to portray. The jacket shows a garment buttoned to the neck with 5 buttons. I cannot find reference to this type of jacket other than as an Officer white No 10 Underdress. The single row of button would for the WW2 period indicate a Petty Officer but the cut of the front hem of the jacket and collar are wrong for that type. Officers and Petty Officers work a shirt and tie or alternatively when at sea a polo neck jumper. This may be a throw back to WW1 dress, but I cannot be sure or it may be correct and I have simply failed to find reference to it.

The body is well sculpted and trousers and work shoes complete the figure.

The arms and hands are well done as is the head. You also get a set of binoculars with this figure with a hand moulded on plus another small as yet unidentified item.

Figure 2 - The Helmsman

The helmsman comes in 5 parts. The body cast as a whole, with separate arms and this time a choice of heads, one wearing a sailors cap and the other an Officer/Petty Officers cap. The figure is dressed in a duffle coat, trousers and sea boots with socks rolled over the top. The duffle looks well done with a hood the correct toggles and pockets.

Body proportions are again good and this one will make a suitable Ďdriverí for the boat. The clothing has nice natural looking folds and creases with only a little flash to remove from between the legs.

Detail on the arms and heads is also excellent. The sailors head shows the face of a mature seaman with a full beard and the Officer/Petty Officer also sport a full beard and similar features.

Figure 3 Ė Crewman 1
The first of the crewmen depicts a walking figure carrying a box. This time the figure consists of 7 parts. The body cast as a whole with choice of heads and choice of left arm. Again dresses in a duffle coat , trousers and work shoes the figure can be built either carrying the box on his left shoulder or with the left arm extended holding onto the railing on the side of the cockpit. Under the duffle is a polo neck jumper.

Again good uniform detail and a natural looking pose with good body proportions.

The box is of the small wooden type.

You get two heads to choose from. One with a Mk II helmet and one with a woolly hat. Both faces are clean shaven and the detail look excellent. Good uniform detail and a natural looking pose with good body proportions.

Figure 4 - Crewman 2

The second crewman is made up of 6 parts. Again you get choice of finish, with an alternative ar,. The body is cast as a whole, with the choice of alternative left arms and a choice of two heads. This figure is dressed as per the 1st crewman with a polo neck jumper, duffle coat, trousers and work shoes.

The alternative left arms offer a choice of finish; either pulling on a rope or pointing forward.

The heads both have should mouths, and one comes with a sailors cap whilst the other has a Mk II helmet.

Again uniform detail is good, with nice folds and creases and the detail over all is excellent.


Despite my query with the officers coat, these are extremely good figures, All are well cast and have good body proportions. The uniform detail of the 3 crew looks excellent and the choice of finish with the alternative heads and arms a major plus. The Detail on the hands and face of all the figures looks excellent too.

Iím delighted to see another manufacturer doing some British WW2 Sailors and these chaps have a sense of movement about then that is a welcome change.

As Italeri have continued to expand their 1/35 scale range of RN craft it it good to see some crew coming along. Whilst these are designed for the Vosper MTB I dare say you could find a home for them on any of the current range of 1/35 scale RN craft available or in a harbour type situation.

I do hope they continue this range adding more working types as these figures have a nice sense of movement about them.

If I canít find reference for the uniform coat then a bit of re-working may be necessary

Finally my apologies for the delay in getting this one up.
Highs: Good body proportions with excellent additional finish options
Lows: The Officer coat is a bit of a mystery
Verdict: Highly Recommended (see comment on Officers coat)
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35599
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 01, 2012
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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