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Book Review
US Anti-Tank Artillery 1941-45

by: Bryan Gray [ EX-ROYAL ]

At the outbreak of WW2 the US Army had some serious catching up to do in Anti-Tank (AT) design and production. Osprey’s new book by Steve Zaloga and illustrated by Brian Delf follows the birth and evolution of American AT design and usage.
The Book

Osprey’s latest release in the New Vanguard series concentrates on American towed AT design from 1941-45. The Book starts out with a fairly brief description of early designs as well as alternative and expedient types leading up to the development of the 37mm AT gun. There are several photos of the gun in combat as well as a line drawing with no scale given. Next up the book takes you to the acquisition and production the British 6 pounder (57mm) designated M1 in the US, also included are several pictures of the gun in action. Lastly the ill received M5 3 inch Anti Tank gun is covered. In the text Zaloga describes how the gun was heavy and hard to maneuver and was not very popular with the troops in the field. It was not the answer the US Army was looking for in Anti Tank Defense
Combat usage of all the guns is thoroughly covered from the early use of the M3 in North Africa as well as its usefulness in the South Pacific theatre of operations. The M1 and M5 guns combat history is also covered from Italy up into France and NWE. The Color plates include detailed drawings of the M3, M1 and M5 as well as their respective Prime Movers.

This is a well thought out book with just the right amount of information and pictures for the modeler. The Author does not drag out the explanations and makes it very easy for the laymen to understand and follow along. The photos of the guns in combat are great references for diorama builders and the detail shots are just what the rivet counter needs to update there models. Overall this is a great book for anyone interested in US Anti Tank development and use. I highly recommend this book.

I would like to thank Osprey Publishing for providing the Review copy.
Here we have a review of Osprey New Vanguard's latest Title US ANti-Tank Artillery 1941-45. Written by Steve Zaloga and illustrated by Brian Delf the book covers the US Army's answers to Anti-Tank Defense.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 1841766909
  Suggested Retail: $14.95 USD
  PUBLISHED: May 09, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Bryan Gray (ex-royal)

I have been modelling on and off for most of my life really. I took a rather long break while I was in the Army and re discovered the hobby when I went back to University. My main area of interest is Canadian Armour of the Second world War. I have a real love of the Sherman tank especially the Fire...

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