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In-Box Review
AK Naval Weathering DVD
Weathering Naval Ships DVD
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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Model Shipwrights

Quote from AK Interactive Website:

"With this DVD, the modeler fan of ships and warships will learn how to weather their ships in a realistic, simple and effective way. In a very visual step by step the modeler will see how to obtain give to our ships the worn look so characteristic of any ship after some days at sea. The DVD covers different techniques and types of wear, from simple to complex, from a ship after few days on sea to another almost completely spoiled by the sea. Although the DVD focuses on warships of the Kriegsmarine, these techniques can be applied in any ship and even useful for other topics."


In the never ending quest for learning new techniques to help in creating the realistic feel to models along comes the next step; AK Interactive’s Weathering German Ships DVD. This is a step by step video tutorial to help the modeler obtain weathering not just limited to the ship building genre. Mig Jimenez shows us his techniques on nautical weathering using models constructed by Fran Romero and narrated by Iain Hamilton in the English version. There is subtitle Options on this DVD in English, Spanish and Polish. There are 6 chapters to this technique packed DVD.

Chapter 1 – Preparing our model
Chapter 2 – Basic Painting and decks
Chapter 3 – Painting the hull
Chapter 4 - Dirt and Rust
Chapter 5 – Advanced Techniques: Chipping
Chapter 6 – Advanced Techniques: Special effects

After watching the incredible real footage of the the Bismarck that backdrops the credits we are led into Chapter 1 where Mig shows us how to prepare the model for the painting stage of your project. We learn the layout procedure in preparing a ship model for the painting process. Being able to separate and organize you project before painting will help you in making the painting process a more enjoyable experience.

Next in Chapter 2, Mig cover priming of the model prior to the painting stage as well as painting base coats. As part of the painting we are shown the layering of paint coats begin the stage of obtaining depth to the model. After the painting, this chapter covers the beginning stages of the weathering process including the use of washes and oils to add dimension and depth to the painting.

Chapter three covers the detailed painting of the hull. With the application of oil paints to add layers to the hull Mig adds the realism into the project but does not stop there. He shows us streaking techniques, chipping through the use of paints adding hull weathering at a whole new level.

In Chapter 4 we learn the application of dirt, grime and oily effects that give the model layer upon layer to increase the total effect of the realistic view finishing with the application of rust effects. The DVD shows us how to blend all of these techniques to create the most realistic results you can get.

In Chapter 5 we are let into the world of chipping techniques. Using AK Worn Effects to achieve layers of chipping in the paint, Mig works his way through an approach to painting and weathering an explosion damaged German vessel. From the painting of the hull, to the addition of the camouflage and then showing us how we can chip the layers of each back to get the most out of our model.

Finally in Chapter 6 Mig gives us a tour into the work of Special Effects. Here he shows us how to get steel effects applied to areas of our model along with the application of layered oils, dirt and grime to obtain the aging effects of the stains. And last but not least we are shown some techniques for applying rusty burnt effects to our models to maximize the overall depth to the model.


Through the use of a wide variety of techniques and products, Mig Jimenez shows us all a new way to approach weathering of our sea going models. AK Interactive has given us nothing less than exciting and useful tool in the form of a DVD for obtaining maximum sense of realism to any model that we chose to build. All of the techniques shown within this video are not limited to ship modeling. To the contrary, each and every technique will apply to all genres within the modeling world. The step by step explanation of these techniques shown on this video a clearly shown and easy to follow. The beauty of this DVD is that if you review any part or the entire tutorial over and over again. If you wish to begin to learn how to obtain weathering, chipping, rusting and special effects to achieve incredible results on your models, then this is the DVD for you!

If you wish to purchase a copy of the AK Interactive: Weathering German Ships they are available through http://www.ak-interactive-usa.com/

AK Interactive: Weathering German Ships Model:651 DVD
Highs: The step by step process is easy to follow and having these techniques at the push of a button to review is invaluable!
Lows: N/A
Verdict: I feel this DVD in an incredible asset to anyone wanting to learn weathering and special effects or even to improve on the one they have!
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  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: AK-651 DVD
  Suggested Retail: 19.95
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 06, 2013

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