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Toolbox and Tools
Toolbox and Tools
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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Among the many accessory sets offered by Hungarian manufacturer PK Tinyland is a delightful photo-etched tool box and an accompanying assortment of miniature hand tools. I'd imagine the style of the classic cantilever tool box is applicable for any period from the early twentieth century to the present day.

The toolbox is supplied on a single fret, and each compartment must be folded to shape before being joined by tiny hinges. Due to the extremely small size of some of the components, combined with the need for dead-accurate folds, this is obviously not a suitable set for anyone clumsy or impatient. Care, a steady hand and a magnifying glass are definitely the order of the day - but the result should be mind-boggling!

With the toolbox complete, you need something to go in it, and the second fret (available separately) provides no less than 27 individual tools, including spanners, pliers, wire-cutters, wrenches and screwdrivers. The detail is exquisite, and a number of the tiny items must be folded into their final shape. The handles of the screwdrivers are built up in three layers to add depth, but equally a careful dip in PVA adhesive would possibly be a simpler way to create a convincing 3-D effect.

Each set is accompanied with a clear set of instructions, with well drawn diagrams and notes in English.

The sets are available in several scales. priced as follows:

PKT72005 Toolbox - 1.30 Euros
PKT72006 Tools - 1.10 Euros
PKT48017 Toolbox - 2.30 Euros
PKT48018 Tools - 2.00 Euros
PKT35006 Toolbox - 4.10 Euros
PKT35007 Tools - 3.00 Euros
PKT2401 Tools - 5.20 Euros
PKT2406 Toolbox - 6.60 Euros

While PK Tinyland's tool box and hand tools are maybe a bit too ambitious for total newcomers to working with etched sets, they will perfect for dioramas and vignettes. Highly recommended.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Jewel-like detail and well priced.
Lows: Very small parts mean the sets are a little complicated for newcomers to working with photo-etched accessories.
Verdict: These sets will be a real boon to anyone building dioramas and vignettes of aircraft and vehicles being serviced.
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 20, 2013

Our Thanks to PK Tinyland!
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About Rowan Baylis (Merlin)

I've been modelling for about 40 years, on and off. While I'm happy to build anything, my interests lie primarily in 1/48 scale aircraft. I mostly concentrate on WW2 subjects, although I'm also interested in WW1, Golden Age aviation and the early Jet Age - and have even been known to build the occas...

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A very nice review of a decent product. It would only be feasible for post late 1930's displays, as thats about when the tongue-and-groove, or waterpump pliers were invented. Spanner wrenches, commonly called "monkey" or "cresent" wrenches were invented in the late 1890's. They started out being called the "French Key" and evolved from there into the modern version, which is what this set offers.
JAN 20, 2013 - 04:47 AM
Nice review Rowan, and thanks for bringing this set to my attention. I think I'll be adding a set of each of the three larger scales to a purchase soon.
JAN 20, 2013 - 04:55 AM

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