In-Box Review
Tiger I Early Production

by: Mary Langley [ TANKYSGAL1 ]

The kit comes in the standard cardboard box with excellent box-art showing color pictures of two diffrent color schemes. Very eye catching.

Upon opening the box you find everything wrapped nicely packaged in clear plastic.

The instructions are a 10 page fanfold of detailed diagrams along with some text. The diagrams given give you the choice of building the tank in one of four ways Pretty much Typical Tamiya instructions. The diagrams seem to flow easily one to the next that make it very easy to follow even for the beginner.

The kit is made up of approxiamately 222 injection molded parts which comes on 5 sprues. The color of the sprues are dark gray.

One of the more surprising features of the kit is the Hull. It is surprisingly cast in metal, and come in its own plastic package and is pre-primed from factory in a light gray color. Surely this will add weight to the tank, but i don't believe that it will add any cosmetic character.

The tracks included with the kit are styrene and are molded in link-and-length fashion. The tracks have excellent detail, with just a few instances of injector pin marks that will more than likely not be visable once they are painted and installed.

The decal sheet allows for marking the Tiger in one of four diffrent ways. They appear to be printed showing the numbers and designs in very nice color.

Looking at this kit, it appears to be very well put together with great detail. The parts look as if very little if any clean up will be needed. And although there are a few concessions made due to the smaller size, such as weapons being pre-molded onto the frame itself, i think it will build very easily into a great tank.
This is an In-Box review of the Tiger Early I in 1/48th. The Tiger Early I was introduced at the end of 1942 with its production time ranging from November 1942 to June of 1943. Tiger's produced during this period became know as the Early Production Models, and only about 200 were produced in total.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 32504
  Suggested Retail: $28.00 us
  PUBLISHED: May 10, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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