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In-Box Review
Zis-2-3 Gun and limber wheels

by: Bryan Gray [ EX-ROYAL ]

Hussar Productions continues to release high quality resin add-on’s for Soviet armor. Recently submitted to us for review is a very nice set of replacement wheels for the Italeri/Zvesda and Maquette Zis-3 and Zis-2 with limber 1942-43 all in one package. You get enough wheel sets in one package to outfit two complete guns and limber. The wheels come in the two distinct styles seen on these guns, you receive 4 each of the “5 spoke” and “pie plate” types. The molding is top notch with minimal flash and a shallow attachment point to the pour plug for ease of removal and minimal loss of tread detail. The casting itself is very well done with the lettering on the tire side walls very easy to read and the tire tread is actually quite delicate looking and very realistic.


This set provides you great value for your money. You receive two complete replacement sets in one package that are highly detailed and accurate. If Soviet artillery is your thing then these wheels will go a long way to detailing your kits. I highly recommend this set and would not hesitate to purchase them.

A big thank you to http://www.airconnection.on.ca for the review sample.
An excellent upgrade to your Zis-3 or Zis-2 Anti Tank Guns from Hussar Productions which is distributed exclusively from Airconnection Models. Fine resin quality and excellent craftmanship.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35032
  Suggested Retail: $12.99 USD
  Related Link: Airconnection Models
  PUBLISHED: May 19, 2005

About Bryan Gray (ex-royal)

I have been modelling on and off for most of my life really. I took a rather long break while I was in the Army and re discovered the hobby when I went back to University. My main area of interest is Canadian Armour of the Second world War. I have a real love of the Sherman tank especially the Fire...

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