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In-Box Review
IDF M151 crew
Legend IDF M151 crews
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by: Dave Oliver [ ISHERMAN ]


The Israeli Defence Force adapted and modified equipment from many different nationalities over the years. One mainstay of the IDF was the U.S Willys jeep that served in many diverse rolls and conflicts with the IDF over the later part of the 20th century. These figures are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to a jeep from this period


The three resin figures from Legend productions consist of a driver, gunner and crewman. Although designed for the AFV club M151 jeep, with a little bit of alteration, they could be used with any number of other IDF vehicles

the three figures come in several parts:

  • standing gunner figure legs and torso
  • sitting driver figure legs and torso
  • sitting crew figure legs and torso
  • drivers arms legs and helmet
  • crewman arms and head
  • gunner arms, head and right foot
  • two combat helmets
  • three uzi Machine guns and stocks


The overall standard of the Casting really is first rate, with the webbing, and various items of kit being very crisply moulded. the faces have very realistic and finely detailed expressions that suit the relaxed look of the crew. Maybe a little extra time could have been taken to make them look a little different as they do have very similar facial features, but I am sure that this could be taken care of when painting. The hands are also nicely to scale which is something that is often overlooked.
The equipment supplied with the figures is of a high standard, with the ubiquitous Uzi sub-machine guns being very well moulded. One minor criticism would be the resin folding stocks for the machine guns. They are incredibly fragile and a little warped, however replacements would be easy to scratch build. Personally, I think that some white metal castings would maybe have been a better alternative.

As far as accuracy is concerned, the uniforms look pretty spot on. A quick search of the web and my own IDF reference pictures of M151 crews, would seem to indicate no major errors in terms of kit or the cut of the uniform. The all important water bottles are present, as well as the correct webbing and kit items.


Overall, there has obviously been a lot of time and effort put into the sculpting and production of this kit. the quality of the product is apparent in the distinct lack of air bubbles in the resin and very well placed plugs that don't compromise the detail once removed. For me the best part of the whole set is the natural and relaxed poses of the figures, they really do look like they have been on a long drive in the baking heat of the Israeli desert!
Highs: Superb casting using high quality resin and attention to detail. very well sculpted figures with both authentic and natural looking poses
Lows: Rather delicate resin stocks on Uzi's will probably need replacing. Faces on figures are a little similar
Verdict: A great addition to any IDF jeep or military vehicle. These are some of the most finely cast resin figures I have seen in a long time. Highly recommended!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF0047
  Suggested Retail: 16 via ebay shop
  PUBLISHED: May 23, 2013

About Dave Oliver (Isherman)

Dave started modelling after receiving a 1/144 Brewster buffalo as a Christmas present at the age of 6. he carried on modelling into his teens until life got in the way, resuming the hobby about 4 years ago. He builds armour, aircraft and sci-fi subjects.

Copyright 2021 text by Dave Oliver [ ISHERMAN ]. All rights reserved.


I had this figure set factory sealed and offloaded them because of the naff box art & painting which clearly does not do the actual contents due credit. Looking at the resin itself, I wish I had kept them now for my future M 113 'Zelda' build. Nice review. Thank you. Gary
MAY 23, 2013 - 11:14 PM
How did I miss this one... very nice review. One nitpick though, the assault rifles are actually Galils, not Uzis. Mario
OCT 11, 2013 - 12:20 AM

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