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In-Box Review
Filbot's J3FF
J3FF Utillity Bot
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by: Paul Anstee [ HOFPIG ]

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Over the years, I have had a huge love of robots. From the huge mecha of things like transformers (the original toys rather than the movies) and Gundam, etc., to the smaller cuter robots of such things as Futurama and Wall-E. Having built a few kits over the last thirty or so years, I love them. As the years have gone by, very few kits of the cuter side of robots have hit the market, although one exception is of the robots from Disney’s "The Black Hole." I remember getting a kit of "Old Bob" one Christmas and I have been a lover of cute robots ever since. Recently looking on our site, I found a news article on this very kit and checking out the manufacturer’s site, I decided to purchase one.

Filbot is a relative newcomer to the resin kit market and to date has only marketed two kits under his own banner, the diminutive J3FF and the larger FDV01


The kit arrived in its own little box very quickly and upon opening it, I found it to be securely wrapped in bubble wrap. The kit itself was inside the bubble wrap in a medium-sized press sealed bag.


1 x Head
1 x Body
1 x sprue containing, 1 x Pair of arms
1 x Aerial
1 x Base

The Kit:

The kit is nicely cast in a standard light grey resin in a very smooth finish, although there were a couple of pinhole-size bubbles which will only take a very short time to deal with. There were a couple of areas that will need a quick rub-down, but they are not much of an issue to deal with. Considering the detail there is, the model is quite finely done. Some small panel lines and recesses for the eyes are well defined. A very small aperture sits on end of each arm just above the fingers suggesting weapons or more likely sensors. The arm and head joints are presented as ball and socket arrangements, so allow for plenty of variety in peoples' models.

The model itself has a very nice detail in that the underside of the head has small recesses where the neck joint attaches to the head. Although these will be hard to see in the completed kit, it is a nice touch that others would have not bothered with.

Fully assembled, the kit is around 50mm, excluding the Aerial antennae. The antennae itself being resin could be bent should you require to make the robot cuter. You could also if you wish remove the main body of the antennae and just leave the stubby bit poking up.

Though no instructions are provided, there is little or no need for them as this is a simple and easy kit to build. The base is around 35mm in diameter and shares the level of small detail with the rest of the kit. As no instructions are provided, there are also no painting instructions either, not really a problem unless you have no imagination. I have attached a link below to some painted examples for inspiration, just in case you require some.



A very nice subject, finely cast and will build up in an easy manner. Will make a lovely addition to any robot collection.

Editor's Note: Completed and painted photos of the J3FF are for visual references for this review and are courtesy of Filbot. Photos are used with permission.

Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: Well cast, very smooth texture. Great design. Great price, easy to build.
Lows: Could be a little too cute for some. The odd very minor pinhole bubble in the resin.
Verdict: A very nice subject, finely cast and will build up in an easy manner. Will make a lovely addition to any robot collection.
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  Mfg. ID: SKU 00010
  Suggested Retail: £13.00
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 08, 2013

About Paul Anstee (hofpig)

Has been modeling for about as long as he can remember. Loves WW2 and Post soviet/russian armour, British Armour, Sci-fi, and large spacecraft. Loves good design above all.

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