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Late Summer High Pasture Grass Matts

by: Kevin Gardner [ JACKHAMMER81 ]

The Product

Silflor offers grasses in three heights, 2mm, 5mm, and 8mm which we deal with here. In the 8mm height there are 12 different types of grass available. It comes in a 12" x 19" rectangle. To start after receiving the box this came in I noticed that this is a huge piece of grass!! It is also assembled differently than the Heki grass is. While the Heki uses invisible nets to hold the grass this seems to be made more like a furnace filter. The grass looks good, it is of an acceptable height, and the most impressive thing that I have seen is that it doesn’t shed grass blades like its Heki counterpart. The grass has a very thick pile to it, which seems to help it stand upright.

Product use

Silflor recommends painting your sub base with acrylic paints, and for thick continuous grass it Recommends matching the base paint to the color of grass being used. They also recommend that for a less dense bare grass effect is desired use a brown or sand color for the paint. They also recommend not using a whole piece at once but tearing it into sub parts and planting the grass in this manner. The grass maybe glued down with white glue as well.


This grass seems a little shorter than its advertised height as the Heki does. It appears to be able to cover a lot of uses in diorama building. It has a realistic look to it as well as you gaze across it and appears like a field of grass. Next up we look at Noch Wildgrass and then the fun begins a side-by-side comparison.

Cheers Kevin

editor's note :
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