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In-Box Review
Francois L'Olonnais
Francois L'Olonnais In-Box Review
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by: Marta Slusarska [ TWISTEDBRUSHES ]

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Historicus Forma

A bit of background

The miniature, beautifuly sculpted by Maurizio Bruno, represents one of the infamous pirates of the XVIIc.
Jacques J. D. Nau known as Francois l'Olonnais, born in 1634 in France (Les Sables-d'Olonne) became known as a fearless and ferocious pirate, dangerous to everyone who travelled the seas he and his crew plundered.

The box

The figure comes in standard Pegaso Models blue cardboard box. The front cover shows the figure painted by Danilo Cartacci.

Inside the box, there are 2 paper sheets with short historical info about the figure and some colour choice tips prepared by Marco Giuliani and presented in 4 languages; English, Italian, French and German.
Inside we find 16 metal parts that will require assembly, 5 to form the base, and 9 for the figure.
Parts itself, are well protected between two thick sheets of foam, and the smaller parts are in a plastic bag for additional protection.

Quality of the cast

As usually with Pegaso, quality of the cast is very good. All sufraces are smooth and details crisp. Especially all the tiny decorations are nicelly casted. Parts seem to fit really nicelly, there are no visible defects. Mould lines are minimal and located in places where removing them shouldn't be a problem. Of course some amount of work will be necessary, like with every other miniature. the only really scary part is the blade. This part is so thin and flexible, that I feel it bending under the brush.


Even thought the miniatue is divided in quite a lot of parts, he assembly seems to be fairly easy. Only minimal amount of filling will be necessary to hide some of the joining lines. The only consideration here should be the sequence in which we'll glue the pieces together. At this point I think I'm gonna glue torso and right leg, paint inside of the cloak and back of the torso and then glue both pieces together.


Once again, Pegaso Models offers a top quality figure.
High quality casting, crisp details, fine fit, and a strong, nonchalant pose, make this a trully beautiful addition to every historical collection. I can't wait to start working on this kit.

Highs: High quality casting, crisp details, fine fit.
Lows: No lows on this products.
Verdict: Another superb figure with nice details from Pegaso Models. Francois L'Olonnais offers figure painters an amazing miniature in a quite unique pose.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2013

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