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In-Box Review
Starcraft Terran Marine

by: Lance Mertz [ 2-2DRAGOON ]

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If you have ever played Starcraft or Broodwars computer games you will recognize this figure immediately. The Terran Marine is the primary unit of the Terran forces in the game. He is armored and carries an auto-rifle. The kit is in an odd scale, 1/30th, but this also allows some nice detailing. The instruction shows him painted gun-metal and red. I decided to make him look a lot more like a marine, so I camouflaged the figure.


The Kit and Construction
Overall the kit was extremely easy to build. I didn’t even have to use glue until I tried to put the helmet on the heat. The parts come in a nice little box with good colored pictures. The instructions are clear and color coded. The parts are molded in a dark gray plastic with little flash. The parts went together well and did not require any fill at all. I never figures out why the helmet would not stay on the head without glue.

It also comes with the option to have the helmet visor down, but I decded I wanted to show the face. If not for that you may think it is a robot.

I primed the parts on the sprue with gray Testors primer and let it dry overnight. Andrea acrylics were used for the painting of the kit, using the olive green as a base and olive drab for contrast. Khaki was used for the flexible part of the arms. Gun metal was used on the joint and “boots”, and hands. I painted the power unit on the back in a mix of black and gun metal. The weapon is well detailed and I painted it in gun metal, using a heavy black wash on it to give it a darker look.


The head is well detailed. I painted it sand and used a brown wash. I tried to give him a 5-oclock shadow. The helmet was supposed to be gloss black, but I decided a dark gloss blue over flat black would be more realistic.

This is a nice little kit. It goies together well and the instructions are claer. it also comes with decals, which I have not applied yet. I may make some custom decals for it. I spent about 3 hours doing the whole thing, including painting.

If you want to do something different, this is a great kit. They also have a kit of the Zerg Hydralisk, a nasty, huge bug-like killer from an alien race. A picture of the kit and box are to the right. My son wants to build and paint that little nasty. It is the same scale.

Now all we need is a Siege tank! I plan to get a few more of these and make a diorama of them with a Hydralisk. At $8.00 a kit it would not break the bank, either.

If you want to do something different, this is a great kit!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 2012
  Suggested Retail: 8.00
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2002

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