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1. Vallejo Conversions for Tamiya & Humbrol [ 125,778 ]
by: Martin Oliver
2. Wash Techniques [ 91,312 ]
by: Fred Boucher
3. Building Young Evergreens [ 63,240 ]
by: Al LaFleche
4. Rusting, Chipping and Weathering [ 56,801 ]
by: Todd Michalak
5. Bringing Out the Details [ 46,373 ]
by: Mike Taylor
6. Airbrush 101 - Cleaning a Badger 150 [ 46,041 ]
by: Dave OMeara
7. How To Rust Modern Armour Plating [ 42,372 ]
by: Charles King
8. Scratch Build Stone Walls [ 42,372 ]
by: Dave Creel
9. Easy Wood Grain Effects [ 42,123 ]
by: Rowan Baylis
10. Solvaset Decal Solution [ 36,665 ]
by: Delbert

Delbert shares his thoughts on this powerful decal setting solution: how to use it, precautions, and general advice! >> READ MORE

Henk shares a method for packing built models to keep them safe during a move. >> READ MORE

Dave shares his techniques on how to build a stone wall for your next diorama. It's quick and easy, anyone can do it. >> READ MORE

Making realistic water is a very popular topic. Lots of people try many different ways of making it. Here is one way of making water with waves on the surface. >> READ MORE


Does the high price and complexity of resin casting keep you from making spare parts or custom parts? Here is a step by step process that shows you how to make parts quickly and easily for not a lot of money. >> READ MORE

Mike shares a technique that is universal to model building genres. Making Grab Handles can be done easily and add a great level of detail to a build. Mike shows us that it can be done inexpensivly with tools most all of us already have. >> READ MORE

Have you ever been stuck with needing some extra detail in your base and didn't have AM products available? This simple method is applicable to a wide range of modeling genres and fits any budget and any skill level. >> READ MORE

This is a project build story of a Verlinden’s (VP) Pirate Figure set. The set inspired a full project. It started out as an impulse buy and turned into a lengthy project full of new techniques and scratch building. Lots of tips and tricks from start t >> READ MORE


The Way Forward
by: Jim Starkweather
Information about the upcoming site transitions.    >> READ MORE

Macro photography of scale models
by: Andras
Andras offers us a very thorough and useful primer on close-up digital photography - a must for all of us Kitmaker artistes!   >> READ MORE

Introduction to Real Colors by AK
by: AK Interactive
AK Interactive has released a completely new line of paints and these are some of the informative videos they have put out covering their origin and use.    >> READ MORE

Paint Arm
by: John S. Smith VIII
John Smith shares a nifty painting device with his Kitmaker family!   >> READ MORE

Testing Mission Models Paints
by: Will Pattison
A thorough breakdown of the new acrylic paint system from Mission Models, including tests with weathering products and decals.   >> READ MORE

Photographing Your Models
by: Bill Cross
Bill Cross shows a quick set-up to photograph your models and dios with a simple light box and lights plus a smart phone.   >> READ MORE

10 Years On - A Modellers Tale - Part 2
by: Alan McNeilly
Alan McNeilly brings us a selection of his builds during the last 5 years.   >> READ MORE

Tamigawa Winter Weathering Ice Bucket
by: Rowan Baylis
Rowan reviews a radical weathering set from Tamigawa for ice effects.   >> READ MORE

8 New Kits from Tamiya
by: Jim Starkweather
A quick overview of eight new release kits just out (or coming out) from Tamiya during the summer of 2014.   >> READ MORE

A Lanc and a Landy
by: Gary Bottoms
Gary shows us some of his most recent builds, mixed with some other news. For more of Gary's videos you can check out his channel on YouTube (MakingModelsAgain).   >> READ MORE