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Pine Trees made easy

This article is simple and to the point. Im not a person who likes long drawn out processes to a simple conclusion. There are many ways to achieve these types of trees. You can buy different pine tree variations in hobby stores for a good bit of money. Some are very finely detailed but you will certainly pay for that extra finesse. So this is one of the reasons why most modelers decide to take the challenge and try to do things themselves. There is no one way of doing things. Thats the joy of it all. Variation is the key to enjoying this hobby and the more the variations the better. I hope by reading and viewing the pictures it will make things clearer. So here goes:
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About Charles King (ti)

Charles King hails from Sweden. He has been interested in modeling since he was 12; though there was other interest that took priority at the time, he would eventually fall into the modeling soon enough. Not until recent,in 2002 that his interest was rekindled. While browsing the Internet, he ca...